iOS and Windows

(Hoping that hasn’t been asked before) I’ve built a project binder using Scrivener on my Windows laptop and it is saved on OneDrive. I now would like to open and edit the content using Scrivener on my iOS iPad - how do I do this? I’m finding that guidance isn’t clear! :open_mouth:

You can’t use OneDrive. And never should have your live projects on OneDrive.

You need to use Dropbox.

More details about OneDrive: … e-advisory

More details about syncing with the iOS version + Dropbox: … g-with-ios

I used to use onedrive with live files and boy did I have headaches, I was always losing stuff, having duplicate files made and everything. I switched to dropbox, which gives you 2.5gb free and been in Happyland ever since. Dropbox is designed for things like Scrivener, which is basically a constantly changing database of files. Now I would put my backups on onedive, and do, but the live files need to be on dropbox. It’s fully compatible with iOS, and so far, despite a few minor speed bumps from getting used to a new OS, I’ve been quite happy with my purchases. Now where is the android version? lol