I’m planning on picking up a 7" tablet shortly. I’m already an (fullsized) ipad user, but have a much longer track record with Android. When the portable/tablet version of Scrivener is finished, will it appear more or less in sync for both IOS and Android, or will one be first/best?

I realize development is something that by necessity isn’t completely transparent (I’ve worked on my share of coding projects), but if it’s possible to get an answer it will make my decision much more easily made.


It seems that converting from iOS to Android is, like many enterprises,
easier said than done:

Another issue is whether or not you can write on a 7" screen.
For a year I’ve used a 7" Kindle Fire, which runs on a restricted version of Android.

The only writing I’ve done: e-mail and one or two forum posts.
For me, the main problem is keyboard size.
I have to hunt/peck letters & words with a stylus. Agonizing!

So I mostly use it to read books, news sites, and view films.
For that, it’s a great little machine.
For writing, I’d prefer the iPad with a wireless keyboard.


Thanks for responding. It’s my understanding that L+L is doing the Android/IOS development more or less in sync. My question really is how much more, or how much less. I know from projects I’ve worked on that if you start developing for both platforms at once it’s not all that difficult to keep versions pretty close to each other feature wise as long as your devs know both platforms. But slips always occur.

Also, just like the ipad the Nexus line has bluetooth, so you can use the same keyboard you use on your IOS device to write on an Android tablet.

I probably do 90% of my first drafts on my ipad now, so this stuff is unusually important to me, so I just wanted to check.



There is one developer for Mac. One full time & one part time developer for Windows. One developer for iOS. If the pattern continues, there will be one developer devoted solely to Android.

The first three platforms above began development in that order, so the extent of features and refinement has so far maintained that order, simply by virtue of time spent developing for each platform. Since there have been no announcements for Android, I can only assume that no one has started that effort, or is just in the preliminary stages of prototyping.

I can’t speak for Lit & Lat, but seeing that each developer is devoted solely to one platform each, I would guess that they receive the bulk of their incomes from the sales of Scrivener on their respective platforms.

From the above, draw what conclusions you will regarding the future availability and feature completeness of Scrivener for tablets. :slight_smile:

If you do a search for “android” it turns up this thread:




Android will come after the iOS version. They aren’t really being developed in sync, it’s just that Lee, the Windows developer, has recently separated things out in his code to ensure that it is reusable for the Android version. The Windows/Android team will still need to do a lot of work on top of that to get the Android interface in place. The iOS version is the test bed for our mobile app. We are currently working on the iOS version and ironing out kinks and interface issues, and only once we are really happy with the interface will Lee be able to start on the Android version properly. (Actually, we are mostly happy with the interface now, but some iOS limitations have just caused a major setback… Argh.)

As for a 7" tablet, I actually prefer my 7" iPad to my larger one. (So much so that I was gutted when, following a chase to retrieve it from my two year-old yesterday, I dropped my iPad Mini, glass-face down, on the slate tiles of our hallway. It now has some lovely fractal patterns in the lower left corner, sob.)

All the best,

Doesn’t mobile AppleCare+ cover two accidental damage incidents these days? Or, maybe that service hasn’t migrated yet.

Thanks Keith, and sorry to hear about your ipad accident. The first ipad I owned met a similar, but perhaps more brutal version, of that fate. I wear my shoulder bag over my shoulder, with the strap going across my chest, like a grammar school nerd. One icy New England night I was walking home, slipped, and planted the right side of my ass almost perfectly on the right side of a ‘rule of six’ division of the ipad in landscape mode. The fractured glass radiated out rather artfully.

Amazingly it still worked, except for the touch screen. I gave it to an artsy friend who managed to get it set up as a digital photo player to stream pictures from from wifi, after which he velcroed it to a wall and sent it zombie pics (he’s really, really into zombies, and has been for years, not one of those johnny-come-lately Walking Dead types) during parties. Looked pretty cool, and zombies do nothing for me.

Anywho, I guess I’ll toddle along with my ipad for now and skip the Nexus. Scrivener is much more important to me than platform. Thanks again.