ios auto quit

mistakenly mentioned this elsewhere, sorry. sure would be useful, as it is in the big versions.
thanks for considering.

What do you mean by auto-quit for an iOS app?

same as in Scrivener 3, after a user-settable delay, save, update dropbox, exit.
just now, i imagine there’s an issue if it isn’t foreground, but perhaps even now it’s possible.
anyway i want it :slight_smile:

How about just a notification after a set time of being backgrounded? Pretty sure that is doable.

Perhaps it could also be arranged that acknowledging the notice (as opposed to dismissing it) would bring the app forward, initiate exit from the project and sync.

The virtue of doing it by notification is that that the user remains in charge of whether action is taken — and can make an appropriate judgement as to whether this is a reliable wifi moment and a suitable moment for syncing.

A totally automated solution raises issues, I think, but doing it by notification might be in the realm.


i guess you folks must not use the auto quit. its point is that when you walk away from one machine, like to head out in the AM, when you open Scrivener on your laptop [or ipad], the one left behind has saved and exited, so you don’t have any conflicts. it’s a lifesaver for those of use who use multiple machines.

so the point is, it quits when you’re NOT there. whether it’s possible, difficult, easy, i don’t know. that it would be useful to auto save and flush to dropbox, i’m sure.

I use Scrivener on three Macs and two iPads… but no, I don’t use auto quit. I want to control it myself.

I don’t think it’s possible on iOS to have an app start doing things completely by itself in the background like it is on MacOS. If you leave iOS Scriv and start doing something else that need a lot of memory and processor power, iOS will simply close Scrivener assuming that you were done, like it does with any app. Haven’t you noticed that sometimes you can switch between “open” apps, but sometimes when you switch app the new app starts from scratch, having been discarded from memory.

And what if you decide you don’t want to sync from iOS Scriv, e.g. because of a bad connection? It could destroy the project.

I have had my setup with several Macs and iPads ever since iOS Scrivener was released and I have never had any problems. You need to be aware of what you are doing.

thank you for that helpful advice. i’ll try harder to be more aware of what i’m doing.