iOS backups

Hi. I absolutely love the new app. In fact, that’s part of the problem :smiley:

I much prefer working on my writing, now, on my iPad Pro, or air when out and about. When I went back to pc… Waited for the geriatric thing to boot, looked at the ugly grimy screen, and os… I don’t know I just find so much about the app better for me, too, the pinching to zoom - it’s what makes me want to write. The upshot of this though, is that i’m going to want to do all my writing on iOS now. So I was wondering what the situation with backups is?

I have been syncing to Dropbox fine… But realised that I hadn’t seen any in app backup options. Is this something that doesn’t, at present exist within the app? I would have to open my pc scrivener and backup from there… Probably manually open projects I’d worked on and close again to back up?

Sorry if I’ve missed something extremely obvious within the app! I was just a bit nervous thinking that my only copy of new work, would be the synced Dropbox project without backups if I’m working solely from iOS. I know it was initially intended as a companion app, having read that here, but it has really far outgrown that. I have so many projects as well, that in addition to being a drag having to use the pic just for the purpose of backups, I would never remember which projects I had worked on on iOS without opening on pc and backing up.

Anyway, fantastic app, love it… And looking forward to future updates, maybe a freeform Corkboard sometime, with infinite zoom out! :smiley: Thanks again

Don’t you have backups turned on for your iPad in general? If you have, all in-app data is backed up against iCloud. And Dropbox have reliable backups as well.
But as you write, the iOS app is primarily meant as a companion, not the sole app. If you don’t like your PC, why not buy a Mac? :slight_smile:

As far as I know: no backups on Scrivener iOs, only on the desktop. But anytime you open a Scriv project on your desktop you create a backup.

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As syncing problems are not totally impossible I’m also anxious about how to backup before it’s on the Mac. Snapshots would certainly be a cool Feature for future versions.

To back up a project:

  1. In the projects screen, tap “Edit”.

  2. Select the project you want to back up in the projects list.

  3. Tap the “share” button in the footer bar of the projects list.

This will zip up your file and you can choose where to send it - e.g. to a Dropbox folder or to an email account.

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Keith, you are an unending delight. You remind me of a shark crossed with a lion covered in chocolate. It worked perfectly. Thanks!

Thank you… I think? :slight_smile:

Note that the Dropbox folder on the PC will (if configured correctly) also be protected by whatever local backup you might have set up.

Yes, you would still need to power up the PC, allow Dropbox to sync, and then allow the local backup to run. But all of that can be fully automatic, with no action on your part beyond pushing the power switch. There’s no need to explicitly open each project in Scrivener unless you want Scrivener’s own automatic backups to run, too.


Note that if the Dropbox sync isn’t working due to a poor connection, other alternatives probably won’t either. No internet means no email or iCloud backup, too.

Now, you could use AirDrop to back up to another Apple device via WiFi or Bluetooth. Whether that’s helpful will depend on your specific circumstances: if both your iPhone and your Macbook get washed overboard while you’re sailing around the world, your data is probably doomed.


If I really have planecrash, that’s fine.
My concern is more about what you say: inconsistent internet, no way to sync and/or unfinished syncs/backups PLUS a stupid user (me), that starts working on other devices or tries to retrieve older fileversions panically, making everything worse.
So if someday I could do snapshots on the iOS device and have Scrivener take care of them (like, save them locally until properly synced or something) I would feel very relieved.
But I actually just found out how great Scrivener is. I did manage to lose the content of a document, which was totally my fault because messed around putting projects in and out of the dropbox folder and acting very chaotic and impatient. I had an empty document where there should be a short story. My phone had internet connection, my iPad hadn’t. The content was missing on both. I was eager to get home, hoping to retrieve the story from my desktop backups. But once there, the iPad synced, told me it solved conflicts and suddenly the story was there again. So whatever happend: you fixed it.

Glad it had you covered! Scrivener is very careful about sync conflicts. When you write on iOS, it actually “checks out” (makes copies) of your files and works on the copies, which then get incorporated in the desktop version when you next open it on the desktop. This way, if things go haywire, or if you work on two devices, Scrivener has access to both versions and can check them. It also does a lot of work to try to incorporate sync conflicts in a sensible way, only putting things in a “Conflicts” folder if there really are two different versions of a file worked on in two places.

Another way you can back up inside Scrivener, by the way, if you don’t want to use the share feature (or don’t have an internet connection), is simply to duplicate the project in Scrivener. You then have a copy on your device. You can delete it when you have an internet connection again and can back up properly.

Also note that in the desktop version, in the Preferences you can turn on an option to take a snapshot for any document that has been changed on iOS. That option is not turned on by default, however, because you can end up with a lot of automatic snapshots if you turn it on, and it’s currently not all that easy to bulk edit or delete snapshots. (That will be easier when the Snapshots Manager comes along in 3.0, of course. :slight_smile: )

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Thanks a lot!
I’ll turn it on, because I keep forgetting to take snapshots before editing anyway and this way will end up with more chances of having a shot if I screw something up.

Did I hear “Snapshot Manager”?

I was going to concur with the chocolate-covered lion-shark comment, but I take it back. Well, the chocolate part anyway. You get that when 3.0 is released, you teasing, fish-cat person!