iOS Bug Fixes & Support

I periodically check to see if there’s any further discussions on the future of Scrivener on iOS devices. With all the new updated iPhones and iPads, it would seem that some attention would have been shifted to fixing the numerous bugs in the current version of Scrivener iOS. While I certainly understand the developers do not like to discuss future updates and releases, a simple “we are working on it” might suffice to give us hope that Scrivener for iOS has not been abandoned. With each new update from iOS, Scrivener is falling a part. Selecting text is an absolute nightmare, the “scrivenings” part does not work, sync is broken constantly (I actually gave up on that a year ago-Dropbox is absolutely horrible and will never use again), compiling works only some of the time, and with the multitasking option, it would be nice to be able to open two projects at once. I understand these things takes time, I understand it’s not easy to code software, but it’s been over a year since we had “bug fixes”. Scrivener for iOS hasn’t seen an substantial update since iOS 13. We are now on iOS 15. Every piece of software I own has updated and takes full advantage of the technology our devices are capable of. I do not use my Mac anymore. There’s no need for one since the latest iPad Pro is better than my old Mac anyway and I do not have the finances to spend thousands of dollars to update my Mac just so I can use Scrivener. If I need to start looking elsewhere for a new writing software, say so. No hard feelings, but the constant neglect, the vague responses from the Scrivener support people when people ask questions, are not not helpful. While I do love Scrivener, I can’t continue to look the other way at the deficiencies the software has and it’s getting worse as each device updates. Just like I cannot continue to recommend Scrivener to my fellow authors either. I am beginning to do revisions on my fifth novel, hoping to publish by the end of the year, but with the issues I keep running into with Scrivener for iOS, I’m thinking the best way for me to handle the edits (since there is no revision mode at all what so ever in iOS) is to find another writing program and import everything there. Thank you.