iOS changing Dialogue element formatting

Having a bit of trouble when writing on iOS with a play format: iOS is formatting elements differently than the same documents settings on macOS.

Specifically, when I write on iOS, it makes all texts in the “Dialogue” element bold, and I have to manually change each line’s formatting to get it to match the rest of the document.

I can’t seem to replicate this behaviour. That is, when I’ve got “Bold” checked for the Dialogue element in my Script Settings on Mac, the same formatting applies in iOS, and likewise when I’ve got Bold unchecked. If you’re certain Bold is unchecked for the Dialogue element in your script settings on Mac, could you try creating another script project and see if the same behaviour occurs in that project on iOS?

When testing, make sure you try this with standard fonts. Not all fonts transfer over or behave the same way under iOS and MacOS.

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