IOS: Changing formatting for Headings etc

Remind me, please, I’ve forgotten.

How do I change the formatting default for non-Default (no style) formats in iOS—eg ‘Heading 1’? I’ve checked the tutorial, and unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have changed since Mac V2, because it still talks about exporting the presets from a mac project on the Format / Formatting menu (which no longer exists, of course…) I can’t find an equivalent in Version 3.

What am I missing, please?


So far as I know, there is no way to either create or modify a style in iOS Scrivener, any more than I could create or modify a formatting preset in the Olden Days. Believe me, I’ve looked. Styles are created in Mac 3 or Windows 3 beta and the only advantage v. the old presets is that I need not export them separately; they now ride on the project.

Hope this helps – even if it’s not the answer you’d like.

As I expected, SD…thanks. it’s not that big a problem.