iOS Cheat Sheet

Evening All,

To start with I’m loving the App, Thanks Keith & the whole L&L crew (also thanks to some of the beta testers who have given their help in the forums to explain and help those of us who are new to the app)

Just wondering if there is a Cheat Sheet?

I mean I did the tutorial so I knew a function I wanted existed today, just for the life of me couldn’t remember which button to hit/swipe…

In the end I had to back out of my project, go into the tutorial and scan through it till I found the reference I was looking for. Don’t get me wrong it’s handy have the tutorial there. Still wondering if a cheat sheet has been developed that can be loaded into say my reference folder for easy access with a brief ‘how to’ of the most commonly needed/used features? (Not a full on description of what it does since I already know that from the tutorial just a guide for what ‘button’/swipe or combination there of to hit?)

Of course if not it doesn’t really matter. I’m new to the app so I’m sure I’ll eventually remember how to do stuff without having to back out of my project!!

…I could also be procrastinating right now and perhaps should go back to writing… Lol

I’ve added a document to Research with my personal tips in it. Similar thing might work for you. :slight_smile:

The tutorial is available as pdf, so you could have it in iBooks and just switch between apps when you want to check something. … torial.pdf

Or use “Open in…” to stuff it into your project.

But then she would have to back out of what she is doing in the Drafts section. Having it in another app one could even use the split screen and have it open alongside Scrivener. :wink:

Dealer’s choice. Not every iPad has split screen, and iPhones can’t use that option either… :wink:

The Tutorial is itself a Scrivener project. So you can get that as pdf by compiling it, and stow it where you will.

Did you miss my post above? L&L has already done that for us. :slight_smile: