iOS Create link to new document?

One of the things I like about Scrivener for MacOS is the ability to do wiki linking just by typing enclosing with double brackets “[[” “]]”. If there’s no document with that name, I have the option to create a new document in a folder of my choice. Is there any way to create a new linked document on iOS?

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m not sure about the wiki link approach, as it’s a kind of fiddly option to add to a program with very few options—but the basic idea seems good to me, and probably wouldn’t be too difficult to address in a manner similar to how the “Copy To” panel makes it possible to copy a document to a new folder on the fly. I.e. more similar to how the Mac version has a ⌘L approach by default, that the wiki syntax is a synonym for. I’ll put the suggestion up for review.