iOS Custom Icons

One of my absolute favorite things about the desktop version is that I can assign custom icons to my projects–as a very visual person who has a lot of subfolders, it keeps me organized, efficient and happy. As a result, it would be really nice to have some way of assigning different icons for iOS, particularly since I get used to scanning for a particular icon on my Mac and then can’t find it on my phone and invariably end up confused for a few moments until I remember.

Having already searched the forums, I realize that straight out carrying over the icons doesn’t work because of image scaling issues. That being said, pretty much any other way to differentiate using icons would be awesome, using emoji or being able to scale down pictures and icons I have in my phone/ipad’s camera role. I’d happily create a whole new set of properly sized icons if I could upload them to the iOS app. Even just being able to highlight the titles of folders would be nice.

Essentially, I’d really like more ways to visually distinguish between subfolders.

I would also love this.

Just throwing my hat in with this too.

Currently, on iOS every project is just a square, which is a bit uninspiring:

It would be absolutely brilliant to be able to make them look different, even if they are just a folder icon.

Pen & Sword–I think the original posters were talking about icons in the binder, not in the projects list, so that’s what I’m going to address (I didn’t want you to be confused).

You can already customize binder icons on iOS using emoji/text (and those sync automatically back to Scrivener 3 on the desktop). Tap on any folder or document, but don’t enter edit mode. Tap on the ‘i’ icon, and scroll to the bottom of that screen. The icon there is customizable, so just tap that line and the second option from the top is “custom: type emoji or letter here”. In fact, you can use pairs of letters/emoji, and it works pretty well. Beyond two letters, it gets a bit too small for old eyes like mine, so I don’t know the absolute limits on number of characters.

As of the latest version of Scrivener for iOS, custom icons added via the macOS version will work provided:

  1. They were added in Scrivener 3.

  2. The size of the icon is at least 28pt wide and high.

  3. The icon is stored inside the project (note on the computer - otherwise iOS won’t have access to it).

And as Robert says, you can also use emoji, which can be applied either in the macOS or iOS versions.

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Oh, nifty! Though I’m not sure I have the skill to make my own, it’s nice to know I could maybe tweak someone else’s work. Do they have to be “square”, or is there another ideal ratio of height to width?

I need to pay more attention to the release notes.

The file itself should be square, but for best results the file should have a transparent background, meaning the actual visible shape of the icon is up to you. For example the default document icons are not perfectly square, and do not completely fill the rectangle of the file:

A red background has been added to the right half of the image to demonstrate the semi-transparent border, used to bleed the icon edges with the wide variety of background colours it might encounter.

One of my other posts is a set of custom icons I created: