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From James Pratt on the Blog: “Very excited about the IOS version, but the video wasn’t much help. REALLY LOUD and distracting music that didn’t explain the product at all. Just do a regular old voice over video and tell us what we are seeing and dump the music.”

From KB on the Blog: “James, the video is for the App Store preview area. Apple allow only 30-second previews, and recommends against doing voiceovers, thus most previews are in-app shots with music over the top. Not much you can do to explain such a fully-featured app in 30 seconds…”

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Ah, a perfect opportunity for a “there are two kinds of people” remark.

First, there are people like James and I. We actually think in words, yes words. Astonishing isn’t it? When something is presented to us, we don’t just want a string of flashing pictures, we want to hear what is happening described. And yes, we find loud, blaring totally unrelated music distracting.

Then there are those for whom words do nothing but confuse. Not just pre-literate, but almost pre-verbal, like very small children they like those flashy fast-moving images. It keeps their brains, never that active to begin with, from going to sleep. Loud music too. Lots of loud music also keeps them from dropping into sleep mode.

And sadly, I’m not surprised that Apple markets for the latter and expects those dreadful videos. Apple thinks its consumer base is child-like, obsessed with trite like thin to the exclusion of all else. All you need to do is watch most of their ads. Apart from pre-schoolers, 99% of the population doesn’t dance around when they hear music. Apple appears to assume that 99% of their customers are pre-schoolers. Not true, but that is how they think. It’s demeaning.

KB, I realize you’re very busy wrapping up this much wanted product. But couldn’t you find someone who could create a leisurely paced, voice-over video for the rest of us? After all, Scrivener users aren’t pre-schoolers who want flash without content. We are writers. We work with words. We want a demo that uses words to explain. This video is worse than worthless. It’s insulting. Leave out all music and make it long enough to explain what we can expect. I assure you that our brains aren’t going to drop into sleep mode.

Good Lord. Poor old KB. Pilloried for delays in the iOS version, then pilloried for a 30 second video that some found too loud. The hyperbole here is incredible: ‘insulting’, ‘worse than worthless’. Turn it down, and have a read of Note the comment that it is the first in a series. One also assumes that the iOS version will come with a manual of some description. The app hasn’t even been released yet!

Also, the point about that video being prepped only for the app store preview and Apple limiting the video to 30 seconds got lost somewhere.

I’m sorry.

As a fully loyal and rather long term participant in Scrivener’s fortunes, I have to agree with InklingBooks at least to the extent that the video is, well, awful.

I took it apart yesterday, slowing it down, and frame by frame it’s rough at chosen cuts, very much less informative than it could be at what it does show, and actually I found myself thinking it was thrown together with a purpose: to obscure.

I don’t know nor want to engage with the idea that that’s really so, of course, but the clarity of the beginning stream of text reveals is at least a mirror opposite.

The music - is a catastrophe. Much too loud, very off-putting, I suspect even to an imagined hip set.

If you really wanted to do this:
– pick a few nice features, show them at comprehensible speed, be done
– if there has to be music, something quiet, perhaps rich, and suggesting enllghtenment

I suspect actually this was just a first pass, a placeholder for the real thing, which I hope truly is an enticement to the already clearly very well thought out and constructed Scrivener iOS experience.

Most computers and iPad:s, if not all, have volume controls. You might want to explore that, also for other activities.

As for the type of music, different people do tend to have different taste.

My Grandma used to say: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

Where is the ‘like’ button? :smiley:

And as my Grandma used to say: “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

Well, you guys, the trouble is, you see, that the video itself is kind of the thing for Thumper’s Mom’s comment…

(hope you saw Bambi)

Cheers to each, and please don’t think criticism is intended for anything but good – as in better futures…

p.s. speaking of better futures, the one thing the video could show is that Scrivener iOS will be smooth… - great!

The problem is that anyone who sits down to do a feature-based demo video is soon swept away on the stream of their own writing, never to be seen again. And so the video never actually gets done. Yes, iOS Scriv is that good.

/snark (well, mostly)


Well, that’s exactly a great thing to hear – thanks :wink:


Please spend time on prepping the app.
The video is inconsequential.
Will be a great day that app is available, and greater days using the app.
Thanks in advance

I watched the video with the sound turned off.

IOS scriv looks pretty good to me!

Woot? Loved the video! Had me itching for the release.

And to echo others, it’s an app-store ‘hook-em’ video, not an in-depth review of the upcoming features. All in good time blah blah blah… Good luck L&L team!

Keep in mind who I criticized in that video. My target was Apple, which often assumes that its average customer has the brains and attention span of a gnat. Look at their aids. Lots of movement, but they tell you nothing. They assume constant motion like a four-year-old who has had too much sugar. Insulting.

What I loathed was what Apple seems to think constitutes a good promo for software. That’s true only if your product is a game and your audience is so addled-brained, they have trouble concentrating for more than a few second. For such people loud music and flashing images make sense.

But no one who uses Scrivener is like that. You can’t be like that and write books. Scrivener needs an ad that’s appropriate for Scrivener. That’s my point. It needs to leisurely show what to show looks like and what it does. And give us a voice-over with explanations not music of any sort. Again, we’re not brain-damage teens who can’t do anything without music blaring away to keep their minds out of sleep mode.

In my experience, the quoted statement is a demonstrably untrue, nigh-divisive statement, regardless of your flavor of “that.”

I also believe that there is a large difference between advertisements, teasers, and demonstrations. Each has their place.

There is no shame in not being in the target demographic.

Just want to say, the latest version of this video is immensely improved, is great in fact.

And yes, it still has very lively music. Very collegiate.

I really liked it for my niece being given this and Mac version, off to Duke – she is very intelligent, thoughtful, intense – and also a kid. She’ll be excited with it, and get what’s there fast. You can really see the features and abilities this time.

Nice job :wink:

You find it on this page, Vimeo pane towards the bottom: