iOS Dropbox issue work around

I had problem with getting my iOS scrivener to work with the file I created with PC scrivener. I knew that I was supposed to upgrade my win scrivener first so the iOS scrivener can sync with win scrivener. So I upgraded the win scrivener first and then upgrade the files on my win before putting it in my Dropbox app?scrivener folder. The iOS scrivener keep complaining that the files need to be upgrade first. I had an idea, I used my Mac scrivener, after I upgraded to the latest version. Then using the Mac scrivener to upgrade the files and put it back to the Dropbox folder. Lo, the iOS scrivener recognized the new upgrade files like a long lost prodigal son. It seems to me that there is some issue with win scrivener abilities to upgrade the files for iOS scrivener to recognize. Anyone have this issue?

You may well have run into a known problem, which will be remedied in the next Windows Scrivener update.

Here’s a workaround for that.

  • Convert the project as usual, by accepting the new format change offered when you open it.
  • Then make a small,change in the project. I suggest moving a document up or down to a new order in the binder.
  • close Windows Scrivener to be double sure the project has been saved.
  • wait a decent interval for Dropbox to have received all changes. You can just slide the mouse over the small Dropbox icon at the right (or hidden above the arrow) of thWindows task bar toget status. It will announce ‘up to date’ when the files have cleared.
  • then open Scrivener on your iPad, and either it will automatically Sync or you can push the button. Then your project should be polished and available.

Simpler than it sounds, and what this does is assure the internal list of upgraded files matches entirely.

From your experience, it sounds like Mac Scrivener may not have this problem, but good to know for trying it anyway.

Best fortune enjoying your new Scrivener :slight_smile: