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Re: Scrivener on iOS

First off, thanks for this product. I recently became a convert and wish I’d taken the plunge earlier.

My request is somewhat simple, at least conceptually.

Describing my work flow might help establish context, so allow me to elaborate:

I start most writing longhand, in a physical paper journal. This might entail just notes or it could be a rough draft. Then I take photos of my pages to create a quick archive that I can later transcribe without needing my journal.

So of course I love that Scrivener allows iPhone camera access so I can do exactly as I’ve described above within the app itself. However this utility would be greatly enhanced if I were able to create sequences of photos rather than one by one. Currently it becomes a little arduous to take photos of many pages in succession. (Evernote on iOS does this well, for example.)

Icing on the cake would be lower resolution “scan” functionality so I’m not syncing batches of photos that are full iPhone 6S resolution. Full resolution photos are great for parties or pictures of flowers-- but a little overbearing for snapshots of my handwriting :slight_smile:


You mentioned Evernote. I’ve been using their Scannable app and uploaded the PDF:s to Dropbox and from there imported them to Scrivener iOS. Downside: bit of an arduous process compared to just snapping pics in the app. Upside: multi page PDF:s that I can watch alongside my text.

I use CamScanner for the same purpose. I choose Batch mode, take my photos, fix the pics and upload as pdf or jpg. Easy.

Good points everyone. I myself have a PDF workaround. However I just thought it would be nice to have the ability without having to launch different apps, and have to re-integrate the PDF into Scrivener.

Furthermore, as I alluded to in my original post I’d like to downscale or reduce the file size of those images. Currently if I take, say ten snapshots of my handwritten pages and create a Scrivener file, then Dropbox says the new file is over a hundred megabytes.

So while my request is admittedly somewhat edge-case, it would be a nice refinement.

…and I might add that I’m coming at this issue from a strictly iOS standpoint. While I have Scrivener for my desktop, I like using my iPad Pro as a standalone workstation. So resizing and managing images and PDFs is a little more difficult. Or at least not as obvious.

When I’m near my desktop computer**, these things aren’t quite as much of an issue as the OS handles most of that stuff natively.

**Part of my workflow to help me write is to avoid turning on my computer at all …it’s very distracting. Whereas my iPad is set up so it’s a little more ‘cut off’ (though technically not).

One technical hurdle here is that, annoyingly, Apple’s document picker (which gives access to Photos) doesn’t allow for multiple selection. I am looking into other ways of doing this, though.

Thanks and all the best,

Have you guys heard of

I’ll reply to my own post with a recent discovery: The iOS version of Dropbox includes a built in “document scanner”. It’s quite good and is a suitable alternative to Scannable. The benefit mainly being that you need to launch one less app to create PDF documents of your handwritten notes.

PDF notebooks can add up quickly in terms of megabytes, but I tend to scan about four or five pages at a time. I’ll then include them in my Scrivener project for later transcription. Once transcribed I make it a point to delete them from my project and Trash.

Nice catch! Very good for handwritten notes and other isolated documents. Not as good as Scannable when it comes to identify a text block on a book page though.