iOS Force Touch feature request

Hi, I’m a big fan of Scrivener on Mac and am loving the iOS version you’ve created.

I was wondering if it would be feasible to add a force touch option to the app icon that would allow you to write a quick note into something like the Scratch Pad. I imagine this would be a really useful feature for those random (and fleeting!) creative ideas that don’t have a home yet. I’m not sure what technical hurdles it would entail, but I was just wondering if this is something you would consider.

Thanks for your time!

Another idea for forcetouch would be the ability to manually sync the app from ‘outside’ the app; this for those times when you can’t remember if you’ve synced the app with dropbox or not but don’t want to actually open and work in the app.

Another Nice one would be a selection menue to directly open one of the last three Projects. Ah - Force Touch! So underwhelming!!! :stuck_out_tongue: