iOS Home Screen with Free Rearrange of Projects

As the years are passing, me as many of you, find that Scrivener can replace a lot of other tools I use in order not only to gather text, but also other media.

These days that I can access Scrivener to many devices, both in office and mobile, and with the sync it offers through Dropbox, I’m in the process of even passing everything from my old note taking apps (OneNote and Evernote) to Scrivener.

In the process I discovered that there is no option to setup my preferred display order for my projects on the iOS home screen. It only offers 3 shorting options, if I didn’t miss anything.

It would be lovely, if I had the ability to arrange the projects on my own free order.

A nice added featured would also be, for Scrivener to be able to reflect a sub-folder structure on the projects folder of dropbox. In that way, we could organize our projects under categories, like “notebooks”, “blogging”, “storytelling”, “instructional design”, etc. You get the idea.

Also, while I’m on it, I would also like to be able to save a location on my desktop Scrivener, that will hold all my projects, and use that when Scrivener opens on my desktop, or from within the desktop application, in order to have always a handy list of all my projects easy to access. This would definitely make it a full replacement (at list for my needs) of any other note taking app out there.

All those features would add value to the life of those that are using Scrivener on all platforms and sync through the cloud (Dropbox) and would like to easily organize and access a vast number of projects.

Now, if we only had a web browser extension to save webpages, links and screenshots into a Scrivener/Dropbox folder… :stuck_out_tongue:

Aaaanywhooo, thanks for this great application!