iOS image to Windows

I just recently got the iOS version of scrivener for my iphone and have been syncing it over dropbox to windows scrivener running on Ubuntu with wine. So far everything has synced perfectly except for some images. If I add a .jpg image as a file on my computer it will sync to my phone with no problem. But, if I add a downloaded image to a scrivener file on my phone, it will display the image within the iOS scrivener app, but not when opened on my computer. Furthermore if I go into the .scriv files on my computer and try to open the .jpg images there, I get an error saying, “Error interpreting JPEG image file.”
I tested this further by adding a photo taken with my phone’s camera to iOS scrivener. This image also displays in the iOS app just fine. Unlike the downloaded image however, windows scrivener will show the image in corkboard mode, but not when I try to open the image in page view. In the .scriv files this image is in .heic format and will open.
As of now I am only using the images for story outlining/reference, so it isn’t a major problem for me. But in the future, how can I add an image on my iphone and have it properly display when in windows scrivener? Or will I only be able to add images from the windows version?

It is most likely a version of the problem Apple introduced with their new file format. See here: … age-format

I have had it with getting photos into Wordpress.