Ios Newbie Questions

Can some kind soul take pity on me and help me out please? How can I create a Music folder on ios 11 like the one you get on Android please?

The files app only shows me software specific apps (FileBrowser, Firefox, Scrivener) and I haven’t got an option to create a new one.

Yes, that’s the way iOS works. There is no concept of a file or folder that isn’t owned by some app or other. So if you want to upload your music to your iOS device, you’ll either have to add it to an iTunes library on a desktop machine and then sync with iTunes (which will let you play it via the Music app), or you’ll need a music player app from the App Store, which will have its own internal file area. You can then COPY your music files from a cloud service like Dropbox or Google drive.

The lack of a Real File System on iOS stinks. :angry:

It’s not that bad anymore – a lot has changed since the update of iCloud Drive. The best part of iCloud Drive is that it doesn’t just provide access to files in iCloud, but can facilitate access to a range of other cloud services (I have it linked to both Dropbox and Sync). I can now securely access an enormous range of files from work or home computers, and can save files to any location I sync *.

In terms of music, I find Apple Music (aka iTunes) to meet my needs, but a workable alternative is Readdle Documents. It started off as a PDF reader and it still does an excellent job at that (even more so if you also have Readdle PDF Expert installed). Recently, however, Readdle has started to pitch Documents more as a file manager, including music and videos. I’ve only played with that side of it a little, but it seemed pretty solid.

Readdle Documents (& PDF Expert) provide really solid support for iCloud Drive. Not perfect yet, but it is rapidly improving. There is no longer the need to copy files (and the associated headaches from all the duplicates) because iCloud Drive allows you to open and save them directly. In my case, that means I can directly access files in iCloud Drive itself and also Dropbox and Sync, Best of all, any changes made are saved back to the original location,

[size=85]*Word of warning: uploading hundreds of Gigabytes of data at around 1Mbps is a painfully slow process (we have a quaint definition of “broadband” in Australia). Doing it in stages took months, but the payoff was absolutely worth it.[/size]

Sorry Stacey, I didn’t actuallyanswer your question… :blush:

To create a folder in the Files app, simply swipe down over the file pane. You’ll see some new icons appear under the search field that enable you change the sort order, swap between icon view and list view and creat a new folder (top left corner, directly under the magnification icon of the search bar).

Simple (as long you know to swipe down). 8)