iOS project can't be opened on Windows ("newer version" issue)

I made changes in my iOS project over the last few days, and now it can’t be opened on either my Windows or Mac versions.

When I try to open the project, it tells me that it can’t be opened because it’s a “newer version” and tells me to check for updates in the help menu (BTW, there seemed to be no way to access the help menu but by creating an unneeded project just so I could get that menu to appear).

But when I check for updates, it tells me the desktop versions are up to date. So … what now?

What version is you Windows version of Scrivener? 3 Oct 2018

Does the project still open successfully on iOS?

If so, this actually sounds like a synchronization issue: for whatever reason, parts of the project are not getting transferred to the desktop systems.

Our guide to synchronization troubleshooting is here: … os-syncing


Yes. It can be opened on the iPad – and I can save to Dropbox. But any time I try to open on the Windows version, I get the newer version issue.

On the iOS device, create a ZIP backup, which you can do by tapping the Edit button on the project screen, selecting the project, and then tapping the Export icon (an arrow coming out of a box). Email it to yourself at any convenient account.

If you download and unzip the project on the desktop, does it open successfully? Please try both Mac and Windows.

Also, what version of Scrivener do you have on the Mac?


And how does that happen? I don’t see any option to create a zip backup, and it’s not mentioned in the iOS help.

Hope this helps:

I created a .zip file, emailed it to my Windows machine, unzipped it, and attempted to open it.

I still get the same message –

“The project you are trying to open was created or saved using a newer version of Scrivener than the one you are currently using. You will need to update Scrivener to open the file.”

However, when I check for updates under help, I get the message “Scrivener is all up to date.”

This leaves me just where I was to begin with – the project I’ve updated on iOS can’t be opened in the Windows version.

What version of Scrivener do you have on the Mac, and are you able to open the zipped project there?