Ios project word count/ draft word count stuck

On iOS iPad, if I click the word count at the bottom I can set the session word count aim and it counts up to it fine. That’s great. I also get a pie chart of the draft, saying 58 of 1000 words. This never changes. I cannot figure out where it gets that number, or what it calls the draft. I really need to be able to see the project wordcount to see if the sync has worked, as I am having issues with it always saying there are conflicts. (Another issue, I’ll post again if I can’t sort it)
Any ideas how to get a project word count working?

Click on the line 58 of 1000 words. That will take you to another dialogue box where you can set the overall target for the Draft (which is the overall count of words to compiled under the Draft (or Manuscript) folder: in other words, your Project Word Count. (NB: by default, it won’t count words added outside the Draft/Manuscript folder)

It should also automatically take on the project target you set on the Desktop version.
If that’s not happening, then the conflicts you’re having may indeed be part of the problem.


Thanks. My text wasn’t inside the Manuscript folder. I’ll see if that improves the syncing as well.