iOS: Return Key Doesn’t Follow Standard When Searching

Huge fan of Scrivener! I’m constantly discovering wonderful features I hadn’t known about, and recommending it to friends on the regular.

One minor annoyance I’d love to see changed in the next version: the Return key does not follow software standards when using Find. In any other app, hitting Return after CMD + F jumps to the next match for the search query. In Scrivener, instead, the first time you press Return this works as expected, but if you hit the key again it deletes the last word found in the search results. This frustrates me a lot as it’s hard to remember Scrivener is the one app that works this way. It would be a lot more convenient if you could keep hitting Return to move through all the search results rather than having to press the arrows on the touch screen.


Thanks for the kind words! The reason for this is that Scrivener puts the focus in the text editor as soon as you hit return, like the Mac version. That way you can type over the word if you wish or carry on using the editor without another tap. You can hit Cmd-G to find the next word, though.

All the best,

That’s helpful, thanks, I’ll do that! An option for the standard behavior though might be nice though for those of us who go back and forth with apps like Word throughout the day. Though I imagine it would be pretty low on the list of priorities.