iOS Scrivener - additional keyboard shortcuts


Wonderful iOS Scriv would become even more wonderful with the addition of keyboard shortcuts for the following from within the editor::

  1. Toggle full screen

  2. Toggle QR or Binder (whichever was displayed last)

  3. Send a Copy (similar to how Sync Now can be invoked via keyboard shortcut, it would be great if the Send a Copy dialogue could be invoked while editing a doc; the idea is to be able to create a zipped file backup without having to exit the project, sort of the functional equivalent to the desktop version’s Ctl-S Manual Backup)

Thank you for your consideration. :smiley:


I’d like to second this suggestion! I recently bought an iPad to use for writing on the go and it’s so close to being a perfect alternative to the full desktop application.

Can I add a request for a shortcut for FORWARD DELETE, please? The lack of an Fn key on the Apple Smart Keyboard means there’s no comfortable method of delete forward except right-arrow-backspace.

There’s an icon for it already, so hopefully it won’t involve much additional work.

The obvious shortcut is Control-d which of course is already a Mac shortcut, so it’s not introducing anything new into most users’ headspace, I think.

[It would be extra brilliant if the other Control- shortcuts (-a beginning of line, -e end, -n down -p could be introduced as well, but they’re nice to have as there are existing — if uncomfortable — shortcuts. There isn’t anything for forward-delete.]

Adding one more request: I’d appreciate a per-word forward delete.

I’m using a Logitech K780 which has a normal DEL key that works for forward delete. What I’m missing is being able to hold the Option key, hitting DEL, and forward deleting the next word. Instead, I get a backspace behavior, which isn’t intuitive. Opt-Backspace reverse deletes a word, and Opt-Arrow moves the cursor to the next word.