iOS Scrivener far too eager to scroll while text is being selected

Perhaps Scrivener has had a bit too much latte? When I try to select text in a paragraph, Scrivener seems to want to “help” me by scrolling downward, very rapidly. This forces me to try again, often with similar results.

Possible to calm this tendency down in Scrivener? I am not trying to select text downward, but even if I were, I need to the sofware to follow the lead of my fingertip - which is not zooming to the end of the document as Scrivener seems to want to.

Thank you!

See the following post through the end of the thread—there’s workarounds and AmberV (L&L support) states that optimization will be looked into, at some point.

You’ve probably got typewriter mode on.

If you turn it off before selecting text, it’s fine.

A bit frustrating – but a viable workaround for now.

This is the answer. And it is not even mentioned in the other thread.

Thank you!

I find it impossible, or at least very tricky to select a line of text, or a single word. When I try, the cursor races up or down. Usually I give up, close the app and make the change or edit on my desktop. I was told when I raised this before that it was an iPad issue, but Pages, the Apple word processor behaves perfectly in this respect. So clearly it is an issue with the app. Are there any plans to address this?

This should be easy for you; I do it all the time, in the same way for Scrivener as in any other app.

  • To select a word, double tap it (with finger)

  • To select a sentence, select a word, then in usual iPad way pull the ends of the selection to match the sentence. It’s very smooth.

  • To select a paragraph, triple tap on a word…bingo.

  • To select more, start with a first paragraph works well, then pull down the end.

If somehow this is too hard for you, tap once to put a cursor at the beginning of what you want to select, then hold down shift and use the arrow keys to extend the selection.

You can also use the keys from a selected word, etc., to extend as mentioned above.

Besides these normal methods for all apps, there’s also a set of buttons default on the bar Scrivener places at the bottom of the app, one for setting the current word at cursor, and then others for extending it easily in either direction.

If you are really having trouble with any of these, it should be some problem with your iPad. You could try fully shutting down and restarting it, per Apple’s website instructions (google iPad restart)

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Are you using an external keyboard or the on-screen keyboard?

I am aware of all the methods you describe. I am also certain that it is not a fault with my device. I ONLY experience these difficulties in Scrivener. Using touch to select text, and generally move the cursor works perfectly well in other apps. As you may imagine, given that it has been some time since I originally posted this, I have done a fair amount of research. Many others have the same issue, If I was alone in this, of course I would assume the fault lay with me or my equipment but this is not the case. For some reason L&L have created an app in which one is forced to use use other means to effectively select portions of text. When using touch in Scrivener the cursor is too volatile. L&L need to address this as they are clearly aware of it. why else would they have built in work rounds to the apps keyboard?

The on screen keyboard.

I’ve merged this thread with an existing one on the same topic, which gives a potential workaround, as well as a link to a longer discussion on the matter.

Ha - yes, I can duplicate the problem this way in the posts above you linked - very good catch, @AmberV

Even on my ‘latest’ iPad Air 4, if you use the full-sized software keyboard, and have typewriter mode engaged (the ‘T’ back-lit up in the items at the top of the screen), then you can have some quite flakey-feeling selection behavior as the Typewriter Mode fights with attempts to select down the screen. It’s quite obvious, and would be as annoying.

@Daggilarr, if you are running a late enough version of iPadOS to be able to squeeze the full-sized keyboard horizontally with two fingers, so that it goes to the mini-keyboard, looking like borrowed off an iPhone, then the bad behavior seems to stop.

If that works for you, then you have two solutions. For this one, to regain the full-size keyboard, unless you find trace typing a nice alternative on the the little one, you’d just unsqueeze on it also horizontally, until it pops back to full size.

But probably, just touching the ‘T’ so it dims out of Typewriter Mode will be the easiest, working on all versions, and you can always return to it with another tap once your selection work is complete.

I made another long post via email which I’ll delete once it shows up; no need to raise more risks via solutions.

Best fortune on this now,

Turning off the T does indeed help. Pinching out the keyboard does provide more space, though is not really useable for writing, at least not by me. Having explored the thread I notice it was three years ago that I first posted about this. Come on L&L, get your act together !!

We need a control that will toggle the keyboard while editing. And some form of suppressor on the cursor.

I have learnt some useful tricks while researching this though. Holding the space bar allows one to control the cursor well, the whole area of the keyboard becomes like a touch pad. Swiping down on a key allows the cap character to be deployed, ie, if you swipe the period key down you get a question mark. Very handy. I look forward to an update that addresses the main issue, soon.