iOS: set selected text as title & split with selection as title

Set Selected Text as Title & Split with Selection as Title are commands that I use really frequently on Scrivener for Mac, especially in the early stages of organizing. Currently in Scrivener for iOS one can split by using the menu on the cursor pop-up but as far as I can tell, there’s no way to Set Selected Text as Title or Split with Selection as Title. Am I missing this? If not, could it be added in a future version?

To split the selected text with title, select some text before you use the split command.

Space and menus are limited on iOS, so we cannot add every command from the desktop version and Set Selection as Title is one of the features that has been omitted for this reason. Such commands are essentially convenience commands on the desktop that save a couple of steps (you can copy and paste into the title area in the inspector on iOS).

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thanks - totally reasonable