Ios Snapshots

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I’d like to request to please add snapshots to iOS. As it stands, the iOS version is an incomplete product because of this and I have to switch back and forth between iOS and desktop just so I can access snapshots.

Huh? :open_mouth:

I do think you’ve already gotten the answer…

What on earth? So this wishlist section is only for requesting features for which there are already plans to implement them?

On the contrary, I’ve observed L&L to add features that many people have politely asked for. But it’s not a question of “user votes.” In descending order of probability:

If it’s easy to implement AND fits the designer’s (Keith’s) vision of the app, it may well arrive in the next minor update. (for example,1.0.5->1.0.6)

If it’s moderately difficult to implement, but fits the designer’s vision of the app, it might arrive in a significant minor update. (For example, 1.0.5->1.1.0)

If it’s extremely difficult to implement, but fits the designer’s vision of the app very well, it might arrive in a major paid upgrade. (For example, 1.0.5->2.0.0) Such upgrades are extremely rare; there have only been two for the Mac so far in more than ten years. The first paid upgrade for Windows is now in beta. iOS Scrivener is very young compared to the other two.

If it doesn’t fit the designer’s vision for the app, but many users present polite, cogent arguments in its favour AND it’s easy to implement, it might or might not arrive in a minor update. But if not easy to implement, Hell will freeze over. :smiley:

“No current plans” probably means that it’s either moderately to extremely difficult to implement (I’d bet on “extremely”) and that the designer hasn’t yet ventured or formed an opinion on desirability. Please note that there’s only Keith to implement changes on both Mac and iOS, and he’s still fine-tuning Mac 3.0.x, so likely this answer means it’s not even on his extensive “like to do it someday” list. :smiley: Doesn’t mean it won’t get there, but I won’t hold my breath.

FWIW, I’d like to see snapshots on iOS too, but it’s not a big deal for me.

This is definitely the wish list, and we welcome user requests! However, not all wishes will or can be granted. :slight_smile: In this case SilverDragon’s reply was spot-on. It’s not possible to bring all macOS features to iOS, because iOS is a very different platform and has a lot less depth (no menus, fewer ways to get to extra features). If you compare the iOS version to the macOS version, then the former will always be “incomplete”. What we tried to do, however, was bring all of the core features to iOS, and build the iOS version around iOS UI standards. Snaphots is one of the features that doesn’t fit very well into the iOS version. I never say never, so it might be that I one day find a way of implementing Snapshots on iOS, but it’s not something that I’ll be able to add any time soon.

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Thank you for the reply, Keith. I love your product and it’s great when developers listen to their customers. :slight_smile: Hopefully this can make it to iOS one day. Do you ever allow outsiders to add code? I’d be willing to offer some help. I’m an app developer btw.

Amber, is there a good tutorial or blog somewhere on the site that gives recommendations about handling multiple drafts and edits in the iOS version of Scrivener?


I don’t know anything off of the top of my head. I rely upon the Mac to generate session snapshots for me, as I mainly only use the iOS version to jot down notes to self and such while I’m on the go. Maybe look into something as simple as duplicating the section you want to rewrite and setting the duplicate to be excluded from compile. It’s an approach some even use on the Mac because they prefer that to the dedicated snapshots feature.

Has the name of this setting changed? I do not see a “Sharing” option in the app’s Project Settings. System Settings has a Syncing and Sharing option, but I do not see Snapshots there either. I would like to enable the Snapshot Before Sync capability if it still exists (version 1.2). Please advise. Also, consider this another vote for Snapshots in iPadOS. :slight_smile:

Hi rawitten,

The setting Ioa is referring to is in Mac Scriv.

See section B.7.3 in the Mac Scriv manual. Are you saying you’re not seeing the option referenced there?


Hello, sorry to jump in on an old thread, but (of course) I am searching for the same answer about snapshots on iPad iOS - two years later, is it now possible to make snapshots in a more recent iteration of the software?

Not on the mobile itself, but as noted in this post, we have always had a mechanism for taking snapshots of your working session whenever you switch devices.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes I have been aware of that function for a while, but I am thinking more like how snapshots work in macOS, where it’s possible to take one at any time and have them listed somewhere. On macOS I take a snapshot of my work (predominantly poetry) every 30mins or so, so I can easily archive changes on the go.

I was hoping to use my new iPad almost full time, but can’t without taking snapshots in this way for my workflow. Would such a function be on the horizon for iOS as well?


Sorry to say there are no plans for that. You could always do it the old-school way and duplicate the section you’re working on every so often.

Thank you, much appreciated.

Yes, please get snapshots for Scrivener IOS.!

I feel like this must be asked about a lot, but a search didn’t reveal any specific reason why it hasn’t been added yet.

Is there a technical reason why we can’t use snapshots on iOS?

From what I’ve read here, it seems like a lot of folks would really like this, but the answer so far seems to be “Just use an iPad for a first draft, and then either switch to a desktop or go buy a MacBook.”

I already have a MacBook, but working on an iPad is a lot more lightweight and convenient. I am someone who relies heavily on snapshots, though, to give me the comfort level to make big edits quickly. Not having that feature feels like I’m writing with one hand tied behind my back (and that I’m missing one of the big benefits of using Scrivener, overall.)

Is adding Snapshots to iOS already on the roadmap?