iOS Syncing Troubles

My Scrivener projects in Dropbox always break from time to time, but I’m currently dealing with the worst syncing issue I’ve yet experienced. Today, one of my projects broke because I opened it on my computer without syncing my phone first. I immediately saved and synced the unedited desktop copy and then synced the mobile copy (also unedited from the last synced version). The sync got stuck midway through and wouldn’t complete, and the failed sync broke every other unsynced project in Dropbox.

This is how Scrivener projects usually break, so I did what I usually do: I deleted the projects from my phone, duplicated them on my computer, and re-uploaded the duplicates to Dropbox. When that didn’t work, I tried unlinking and re-linking Dropbox with no luck. As a last resort, I removed everything from my Dropbox folder, moved the Scrivener projects one by one onto my phone with iTunes, and synced them back up from my phone. This seemed to work––the red Xs disappeared and I was able to open the projects on my computer. But when I closed the projects, synced my computer, and then synced my phone, the issue reappeared––my phone got stuck again mid-sync. Now, when I sync, it gets stuck at Downloading file list…, which I’ve never seen before (usually it gets stuck on, say, file 27 of 52).

Additionally, every project in Dropbox is now affected––if a file was modified, opened, renamed, moved, or duplicated in the course of my troubleshooting, Dropbox would try to sync it, and the issue would spread to that project. These projects will open on desktop, but not on mobile, and any Dropbox sync they’re in fails to complete. I have wasted countless hours over the years I’ve been using Scrivener just troubleshooting broken projects, and I’ve also lost an unquantifiable amount of writing time (three hours ago, I set out to write down an idea for a story I’ve been stuck on––what was it now? Who knows. All of my Scrivener projects are broken). I’m at a loss for what else to try, besides creating new Scrivener documents and manually copy-pasting the contents of the old ones, but that process would be time-consuming. Does anyone have any other suggestions that might fix the issue? Thanks.

(These instructions assume that the desktop versions of the projects are current, with no unsynced changes on the iOS device. If that is not the case DO NOT proceed, as unsynced changes will be lost.)

On the desktop, move everything out of the Dropbox folder to any convenient location.

Allow Dropbox to synchronize on both devices. The result should be that the iOS device no longer has any projects on it.

On the desktop, create a brand new blank project in the Dropbox folder. Add a few files, then close it and allow Dropbox to synchronize on both devices. The result should be that the new project is now on the iOS device.

On the iOS device, add a few files and reverse the process. Confirm that the new files correctly appear on the desktop. If you’ve gotten this far, then sync is configured correctly on both devices.

Move one of your existing projects back into the Dropbox folder, allow it to synchronize on both devices, and confirm that it successfully appears on the iOS device. If you’ve gotten this far with no errors, then the project is structurally intact, with no unresolved conflicts. Do the same, one at a time, with your other projects.