iOS Syncing

Since it’s in progress, I’m not sure if this an okay question to ask, but what kind of syncing will the iOS version feature? Will it be the kind of syncing that Simplenote and Apple’s Notes feature, where it syncs real time with the computer, or will it be the type of syncing where you have to click “sync with ____” before it updates the information?

If this question is unanswerable or the developers don’t want to say, that’s fine, but I figured I’d ask just in case.

(I’m also not sure if this was an acceptable place to put this thread. Sorry if it wasn’t. Feel free to move it.)


Questions are fine! Syncing is all done via Dropbox, but Scrivener will need to sync on each device. This means that when you come back to your Mac, it will prompt you to sync if the project is open and detects changes; if it’s closed, it will just incorporate any changes as soon as you open the file. On iOS, you will need to go back to the project screen and choose to sync manually, though, to tell it to upload the files. So, it’s not entirely hassle-free, but given the file format we are working with, it is as pain-free as we could get it. Apple’s Notes and Simplenote are always working on a single note at a time, whereas documents within a Scrivener project a little more complex.

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Thanks, Keith. :slight_smile: It’s good to know that on the Mac it will prompt for a sync. I’ve almost lost changes having to sync back up on the computer. Plus, I have a tendency to leave Scrivener open all the time on my Mac. That’s not so much the case with my phone. I tend to close apps pretty religiously.