iOS TextKit Framework Enhancement

Thought this was quite interesting, though doubt it could be used for iOS Scrivener (which has its own superset built on top of TextKit), but they have extended TextKit to, among other things, provide a Markdown view:

MIT Licence

A belated reply, but in fact, they are not using TextKit at all. Looking at their architecture diagram, they have written their own text kit API on top of CoreText. It looks pretty cool, although, as you say, not suitable for Scrivener, as Apple’s own TextKit implements much the same features as the NSText system on the Mac, on which Scrivener’s text system is built. This has meant that I have been able to customise Apple’s iOS TextKit in most of the same ways I have customised the NSText APIs to provide annotations, comments and so on, and it provides RTF reading and writing (that I’ve also extended in the same way as on the Mac). Not that the TextKit is without its problems, as I have lamented elsewhere - it has some very stupid limitations and bugs which have required ugly workarounds.

KB: Thanks for the info. Shame there isn’t anything useful for you to utilise there. Not that I really want you focussed on the iOS version anyway, DESKTOP FOREVER!!! :stuck_out_tongue: 8)