iOS version be available in Colombia App Stores?

I already posted this question, seven months ago :blush: , but I still can’t find the app in the Colombian App Store.

I’ve checked with the App Store terms, and the reason we cannot provide service to Columbia at this time is that Apple does not provide full business support to the region, unfortunately. As a very small company we do not have the resources to research and implement tax law compliance, and other paperwork, throughout the world—that is why we use vendors like Amazon, Digital River and Apple (which are oddly quite below par where it comes to this aspect).

In this case I’m afraid the best thing to do is write to Apple and let them know of your interest. Sorry I don’t have a better answer.

I don’t understand most of that, but… ok.
It’s weird since I’ve bought and seen lots of apps done by small companies and individuals.
But, regardless, since there is no Legal way for me to buy your product, do you recommend Scrivo Pro for Scriveners, or Storyist?

I don’t understand all of it either, but it’s a little more complicated than just copying what other people tend to do, unfortunately.

One is free to check the box and sell to any country they want, and clearly some do. Whether they are abiding by local sales laws is another matter and one that I couldn’t speculate on. Whether they even know that they aren’t is something to consider as well—this is after all buried in a 40 page contract that most accountants consider to be “complex” in its implications.

Keep in mind, it’s not just Columbia we’re really talking about here, it’s also Brazil, Mexico, Isreal, Japan, and about 50 other countries we’d be potentially doing non-trivial business within.

As for recommending either of those programs, I don’t know much about either of them, sorry. I tend toward simpler solutions like plain-text editors, and using Scrivener’s external folder sync feature. Editorial is a good one.

It’s mainly a question of taxes. Colombia and a number of other countries were removed earlier from iTunes Connect but where then moved back and I think all Keith has to do is check in at iTunes Connect and answer a question or two and all those countries are okay again. I did it this spring for my books. One simply needs to keep an eye on iTunes Connect from time to time.

We did double-check before answering (and we do keep an eye on this clause in general), and Columbia is still within the list I referred to, that is excluded from the managed regions as defined by Section 3.2 of Schedule 2 of the terms of agreement. This prefaces the list:

“You shall be solely responsible for the collection and remittance of such taxes as may be required by local law.”