iOS version not available

When will the app be available in the Argentina store? I have been counting the days for the iOS version and now everyone talks about how great it is, and I can’t get it. Very disappointed.

Here is the response I got for the same question:


I’ve read the explanation why Scrivener for iOS isn’t available in Argentina that says “Apple does not provide tax and legal services to all of the stores they sell software in.” And Scrivener says they are a small development company and so they can’t provide these services. How big is the developer of an app like Marvin? That’s available in Argentina. Ulysses is available, but I don’t want Ulysses. I want a full workflow to go with my Scrivener Mac app. Sorry, but the legal, etc.explanation soesn’t really sound credible. Years of waiting and now this.

I might be totally wrong, but I think there are probably two different things potentially involved in this.

The first deals with the tax issue. Unless Apple handles tax and such stuff in the App store, you have to do it yourself as a seller. I am about to publish via the iBookstore and am limited to the stores where Apple handle tax when I sell from Sweden. The iBookstore is much more limited than the App store, but the principle is the same. BUT, Argentina is on the list of available countries for me, whereas Israel is not (which the former question dealt with), so I’d be surprised if Argentina isn’t available on the potential stores where L&L can sell.

The second has to do with the App store itself. Have you tried to use the link provided in the blog, going via iTunes? If I search for Scrivener in the Swedish App store I don’t seem to find it, although it’s there, but using the link I find it at once. Have you tried it? … ?ls=1&mt=8