iOS version: three wishes for the coder fairies

I’ve just started using the iOS version and please take my big thank you for mastering the almost impossible task of transfering the Scrivener user experience in such a graceful way to the small screens.

As in any good fairy tale, three wishes came to my mind:

  • choose app interface language: I would love to use Scrivener with its English user interface, as the entire documentation, manuals, even the app settings etc. are in English. I’d still like to write in my native language (German in my case) and use German as the main language on my iPhone. It’s possible on the Mac, would be great here, too.

  • Seperate auto correction from predictive text: Predictive text is too intrusive for me, auto correction is great when typing with two thumbs on glass. So far, users can have the two together or nothing. Would be great to enable them seperately.

  • Send stuff directly to Scrivener research folder: It would be fantastic to send a web page you’ve found, a picture you’ve taken, etc. directly to the Scrivener research folder of the project that’s currently open (or a global research folder?) via the share button.

I have no idea about the limitations and challenges of iOS coding, but it would be fantastic if these wishes could be considered.

Thanks again for a wonderful app. no excuse anymore to carry on writing when away from the computer,


Thanks for the feedback! Glad to hear you’re liking the iOS version.

  • As I recall we left that out as it doesn’t seem to be common practice on iOS. So we figured we’d see if there was much demand for the capability before adding more options. So we’ll take this as feedback. :slight_smile:
  • Perhaps this is something changed in iOS 12? On my device, these are two separate options in, under Keyboard settings. Scrivener also has its own setting (also in for auto-correction, meaning you can suppress it even if you use it otherwise.
  • Here is a previous discussion on Share extensions.

Thanks a lot for your reply!

• Thanks! This would actually make trouble shooting easier, as the entire knowledge base is in English and re-translating from a localised version into English is quite hard (the German localisation still needs quite a bit of work, btw.)

• Ah, I was referring to the app settings within Scrivener. Turning off predictive text altogether does the trick. Thanks.

• Interesting thread, didn’t find it via search. A clipboardesque solution would indeed be cool.

• Your dots are much nicer than my dots, how do you do them?



The forum uses BBCode, which you can either type in by hand or use the little buttons above the post. For bullet lists, first click the “List” button to make one, then for each new list line, click the “[*]” button (yeah, they couldn’t be more cryptic with that, but it makes sense once you see the result). :slight_smile: