iOS / Win 10 Dropbox sync - empty folder

I’m a new-again Scrivener user, enthused by the release of the iOS app and fresh off a time-wasting version-control fiasco using Word and Onedrive.

Here’s my problem: I’ve installed newest Scrivener versions for both iOS and Windows (each downloaded, literally, within the last five days). I revived a pre-existing Dropbox account, downloaded the Dropbox iOS app and followed all instructions for first-time sync with Scrivener within iOS (where my project is primarily worked-on, it’s a novel). Scrivener connected to my Dropbox and indicated a sync.

I open Dropbox (both iOS and on the Win10 desktop), and I see the correct default folders set up (Apps / Scrivener) - but they’re persistently empty, no matter how many times I attempt to sync from my iPad.

I have otherwise tested Dropbox and it syncs non-Scrivener docs without an issue. I’m going to transition latest docs to this platform, in fact…

So, where’s my novel project stored? How can I correct this and reach the (carefully-managed!) nirvana of flowing between my iPad and Windows desktop? Thanks in advance for your help here!

Your project is stored wherever you put it. Both iOS and Windows Scrivener will give you an opportunity to choose a location whenever you create a new project.

If you have pre-existing projects on the Windows system, you can find them using Windows Explorer, and then move them (the entire .scriv folder, please!) to the Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener folder.

If you have a pre-existing project on the iPad, it is probably in the “On my iPad” section of the Projects screen. You’ll need to move it to the “Dropbox” section.



Thanks for the quick reply – and your instructions worked perfectly once I learned how to drag-and-drop the project!

I had missed the small indication, bottom right hand of the project “box,” which indicated that it was stored on the iPad. This is also (iPad Pro 9.7) my first iPad, so there’s still a learning curve for me coming from PC/Windows.

Hope, too, that this helps out other folks.