iPad and Scrivener and their Dropbox mediator...

I’ve put this off for months. For some reason, sending my draft to a Dropbox “cloud”, working on it somewhere else and in a different format and then trusting all related parties to sync it back correctly into Scrivener was more than I could stand. It’d be like being the first guy in Starfleet to jump in a transporter, knowing he’d come out with his arse below his belly button (Spaceballs). I simply couldn’t accept that everything would still be intact, and therefore my novel (Scrivener) work seemed destined to be separate from my other writing ever more.

Not so!

The way I got over my inhibitions was to create a dummy MS from the Novel Format template. I added text here and there, added new chapter folders, new scene files, etc. Then I did the File/Sync/with External Folder, let it do its thing and monitored what came out in my Droptext editor on my iPad.

Here was the scary part. After changing several of the files in Droptext, I went back to my MacBook and reopened the dummy novel.

Perfect integration of all my iPad changes.

Thank you!

Other than an actual Scrivener app, this is the right solution for the iPad nuts out there.



Small tip. Before syncing, copy and paste your synopsis into any scenes’ text body you haven’t yet started work on, but plan to before the next sync. That way you’ve got the synopsis on your iPad. (Otherwise that file in Dropbox will be blank.)

Glad you like it and it’s proving useful! Remember that Scrivener will take snapshots of any text files it syncs, too, so even if things did go wrong you’d still have the original text available and could restore it.

Thanks and all the best,