iPad Compatibility

My guess is that Storyist for iPad will only be fully functional with its sibling for Mac. I asked this afternoon how exactly it syncs, and this is the answer from the developer: http://storyist.invisionzone.com/index.php/topic/1665-dropbox-sync-how-to/

Since two years or decades may pass before we have Scrivener for iPad (Keith has, again, said it today), I’m right now looking for ways to move two projects from Scrivener to Storyist and see what happens. I’m using the demo right now. Not an easy task, though… The worst thing is the mourning… I don’t want to leave Scrivener behind… :cry:

Leaving Scrivener is not an option I will even consider. I may not use even one-tenth of all of Scrivener’s functionality, but what I do use I love; and I can’t imagine a more supportive or dedicated developer (and team) anywhere. But finding the most compatible iPad app is, and–as I said–until Keith (or someone else with his blessing) creates an iScrivener, I will be looking at all options.

I just downloaded Storyist for iPad. Definitely feels and looks like the first app trully useful for writing. Five minutes with it, and already loving it.

I love Scrivener, with all my heart. Storyist has many cool things, but when it comes to real productivity, there are many features from Scrivener that I miss. But right now, it’s not much of an option. I’m not moving all my projects, but two of them, the ones I’m developing from the iPad. When iScrivener arrives, I’ll move back. But I need a solution, today, for my hardware choices, and at this point, Storyist is definitely a huge change from Notebooks. By next year, I’ll be on a different project.

First impressions:

  • Outline and cards view
  • The documents can be rearranged when using the cards view (alleluya!)
  • Notes
  • Headers and footers
  • Page guides
  • Zoom
  • RTF editing: bold, italics, indents, text alignment, bullets and numbered paragraphs, font and font size, styles…
  • Page view and guides (not everybody needs this, I do for one of my projects)

This is version 1.0, therefore, there’s plenty of room for improvement.

I’ve been playing with Storyist for Mac and iPad all morning, and there’s something I need to say: I love the iPad version; but on the Mac, I still stick to Scrivener. It’s a completely different program, too linear for my taste… Not buying a MBA, though… Still love my iPad.

Dear Keith,

I have another perspective on iPad compatibility. I agree that I would not use the iPad for composing but I would very much like to have more powerful capabilities for editing. I am a PhD student and I use the iPad primarily for research when I have to travel to the local archives. I also have to travel overseas on a semi-regular basis and I take my iPad rather than my MacBook Pro because of weight and battery life. The one drawback is that I cannot edit documents I have created with footnotes, as all the footnotes will be lost when I move the file to the iPad. I know of two other academics that are using the iPad in this fashion and both are frustrated by the inability to edit existing documents. The portability of the iPad makes it a great tool for getting out of the office without having to be tied to a power supply.


EDIT: Removed a post about a competitor’s product.

EDIT: Removed a post about a competitor’s product.


At the risk of sounding churlish, I would be very grateful if we could keep the discussion confined to Scrivener, rather than discussing (and inadvertently promoting) competitor products on our forums. I do understand why some users want an iPad version, and wish you well with your new choice of tools, but this is not the place to discuss competitor products. (We normally try to be open about competitors, but for reasons it would be unprofessional to discuss, not in this instance. :slight_smile: )

Many thanks for your understanding, and good luck with your future writing on whatever tools you choose!

All the best,

Apologies. I have removed my posts regarding said “competitor products”.

For what it’s worth, I understand your choices about your own product. I run a small, niche business, and I have competitors who provide services I do not. It is up to me to decide whether to compete with the others in a broader market, or stick to what I feel I do best. So it is with you, or any other entrepreneur.

Best of luck in life and business (but, please, keep it somewhere in mind just how sweet iScrivener would be for us iPad-addled users! :slight_smile: )!

Hi DBill,

There was no need to remove the posts, so apologies if I came across as over-grumpy (a life tendency) on that score. And I really do hope that we can come out with an iPad version of Scrivener eventually - it’s just that I don’t want to program it myself and thus make the Mac version suffer, seeing as the latter is my true passion and what I use for everything myself. We will need to find the right person on the right terms, as we have done with the Windows version. And being a niche product with only limited resources, the right person is difficult to find on the terms we have to offer. :slight_smile: So, although it may seem that we are taking things overly slowly, we just had to make a choice, and decided to extend onto the Windows platform first. If that takes off, finding the right person to program an iPad version may be a lot easier…

So, I hope you will keep your eye on Scrivener even as you use “the competition” (which I will absolutely admit has come up with a terrific iPad version - even though I’d never want to use the iPad for much writing myself :wink: ).

All the best,

That will surely be the case…and I’m only using “that other thing” for the hobby side of my writing. Scrivener remains the best over-all writing tool available anywhere, and I’m very glad to have it in my quiver! Given a choice between the various applications available to writers, I would recommend it before any other. That’s the truth.

May I humbly suggest a merger of this forum with the “Scrivener for iPad (again)” forum? Is that even possible?

There have been six or seven previous threads on this topic.
And there will probably be many more in the future.
If we combined them all, the sum total is:
Ain’t going to happen soon, folks. If at all.

Since ancient times, old wizards know that the best way to make something happen is to declare it will. So, Druid, stop saying it won’t happen. Say it will happen… At some point, we’ll make it true. As for the threads… we need an iPad subforum, with a sticky thread with Keith’s official position on it, news about the person who will eventually take over the project of iScrivener and a wish list for the features we want on iScrivener…

So… it will happen, we don’t know when, but it will happen before 2013 ends… :mrgreen:

KB –

Have you thought about crowd-sourced funding to foot some of the development costs?

An iPad version is incredibly important to me for a few reasons. Primarily, all of my writing notes are in scrivener. Additionally, I am a graduate student who’d rather take his iPad than his MBP to conferences, while being able to update academic documents. I’ve been playing with the “competition” for desktop, but it doesn’t suit my style. I’ll have to wait for iScrivener, but, while I understand the reasons intellectually, it’s frustrating that there aren’t even development plans when the comp already has an app.


So it’s not like when I was a kid. If I kept asking eventually my parents would give in on some things. :0

On the contrary… it is… It’s happened before… Don’t we have now Scrivener for Windows?

Indeed. And as with Windows the main argument against was lack of resources. Same thing here. Bandwidth is the primary problem with a small team; solve the bandwidth problem and possibilities become viable. It’s not that anyone is philosophically opposed to this as an idea. Providing several useful text synchronisation capabilities was a low-bandwidth compromise that works splendidly for most people; so it satisfies the diminishing returns curve.

When iPad 1 came out, I started a thread that lasted quite a long while. In it, many contributors assembled reviews of iPad research and writing apps, plus carried on a lively discussion as to whether anyone could actually write on it. I agree that one can, and right now there are fairly good tools to that end.

The best advice I ever got in life was “Watch what they do, not what they say.” I think that applies very well to the Scrivener development team. No amount of saying on our part is going to make them DO. :unamused:

It seems to me that the only benefit of an iPad would be (1) viewing what you’ve written and (2) jotting down notes and ideas:
(1) Just compile your project into a pdf to read your work and make notes on the go;
(2) Jot down ideas and sync them to your Mac (this will be easy with iCloud).

The notion of writing a novel, a research paper or even a short story on an iPad may sound good in theory, but, just go to an Apple Store, launch Pages, and try to write a 1 page letter. It’s agonizing!
For any serious writing, you’re going to need a computer. Consider the 11 inch MacBook Air–the perfect on-the-go writing machine.