Ipad index card app & Windows Scrivener

I know the Ipad Index card app sinks with Mac Scrivener. Will it also sink with the Windows version?


Yes, that is the plan.

Any ideas on timeline? I do all of my preliminary work using iThoughts and Index Card on my iPad. And I’m weary of pasting into yW5.
Thanks… A forum newbie.

No idea on that. I can say it is definitely a higher priority item. Five years ago nobody would have really cared, but these days a lot of people like working that way. However it’s also a pretty complicated and touchy thing to implement. Synchronisation is never magic, and there are enough conceptual and procedural mistakes that can be made to mess things up even without program bugs. So making the underlying system as safe and bug free as possible is something that takes time.

Thanks. Even an basic import from the Index Card TXT or RTF output would be very nice on an interim basis. I’m currently using iThoughts HD and Index Card to work out basic details. ( :open_mouth: Don’t worry, I don’t have any expectations about integrating with the mind maps, but I like that I can include a PNG of them in Scrivener resources.)

Yeah, basic .indexcard file importing and .opml format importing are two things that are coming. Both will import outlines, and the latter will be useful for any mindmapping style software that can output to OPML. Since mindmaps are essentially linear outlines this is not too difficult to accomplish. You lack the visualisation after doing so, but the data is all there, ready to be expanded with text. Like you say, a PNG can suffice for visualisation.