ipad mini

I just bought an ipad mini and am wondering if I should download scrivener to it or just use dropbox? I’m asking because when I try to load it - the message says Safari cannot download this file. Thanks in advance, Laura

I hope I am not misinterpreting what you mean here, but you can’t run Scrivener on any iOS device (iPad, Mini, iPhone) until L&L releases iScriv (that is, Scrivener for iOS; I totally made up the name, just for fun). You can use Dropbox to sync your Scrivener project with an external Dropbox folder and then use a number of text editors that run on iOS to work on your project on the Mini.

iPhones & iPads run “iOS”

Macs run “Mac OS X”

Scrivener is currently available for Mac OS X and Windows; the iOS version is still being developed, and is not available yet.

Thanks I understand!