Ipad not syncing all projects

So, I have many projects that I can move between my desktop, laptop, and iPad with no issues. However, there is one project that I can move between my desktop and laptop, that for some reason will not sync to my iPad. The file is in my Dropbox folder, in the apps/scrivener subfolders. I just updated my iPad to the latest iOS (12.4.7, it’s an iPad mini 2 and that’s as high as it goes.)

I did recently re-name the project in Dropbox, but that hasn’t presented any issues with the other two computers. If you need any screenshots, just ask and I’ll add them.

Jumping in to add my similar problem to the list, as it’s relieving to know it’s a wider problem and not just me.

I have an iPad Pro as my main writing device, but i’ll occasionally use the Windows desktop to tidy up the files. Both of them sync perfectly fine with no problems; it’s the new iPhone that is the issue,

I get:

…every time I use it. I’ll mention I used to have a very old iPhone SE with Scrivener on it, but hardly used it. The new phone is easier for reading and editing in bed, which I’d like to actually do more of without seeing the above.

Things I have done by myself to try to fix this:

-Installed the beta Scrivener 3.0 on my Windows desktop, happy to revert back to older versions to fix it
-updated both my iPad and iPhone to the most current iOS (13.5)
-Deleted the app from my phone and reinstalled several times now.
-Told it to look in the app > scrivener file several times, both manually and automatically.
-Other Dropbox files sync fine btw- my art and work folders are behaving themselves
-Created two dummy Scrivener projects to see if they synced- they did, but with with problems.

I thought I “fixed” it by installing Scrivener 3.0 beta on my Windows desktop, and another clean reinstall of the app on the phone, since I never got the above error. I started to edit a chapter in bed only to have it misbehave again:

“Test Project For AAAAAA” is the title of the dummy account btw. It’s not syncing either.

So, I fixed it, but I don’t know how, exactly.

  • Opened the missing project on desktop
  • Saved As a new project elsewhere in dropbox
  • deleted the copy that was in the apps/scrivener folder
  • moved the new copy into the apps/scrivener folder
  • synced the iPad again

I don’t know what to tell you, soignee, because I wasn’t getting any error messages, just missing files.

I also fixed mine, but far more complicated and brutal. I emptied out the entire apps/scrivener file on my desktop, uninstalled scrivener on my phone, then synced from my ipad (the main writing machine, and one with the up to date files.)

Both my desktop and phone now have the proper files, and sync normally. Whatever happened to my desktop files was the main culprit for sync errors, and caused all the hassle, which is peculiar as adding a new phone to Dropbox/scrivener is what caused all this fuss in the first place.

yes this issue happens everytime