iPad not syncing with Dropbox; Desktop and iphone are working fine

Hi, there, I’ve searched the forum and don’t find an answer to my problem, so here it is:
I use Scrivener as my indispensable writing tool. I’m using the current version. Files go into Dropbox: apps/scrivener. I have a paid Dropbox subscription so no limits on no. of devices. Synching is working fine on desktop, laptop and iphone but not with ipad. I have checked and I am logged into the correct dropbox account. When I go to the apps/scrivener folder, I see the folders but the content is greyed out. I tried deleting content on my ipad to reload, but I don’t seem to be able to import files. And/or, scrivener is simply not synching with dropbox on this one device. Any suggestions much appreciated. Naomi

Did you check that you have connected iOS Scrivener on the iPad to the correct folder in Dropbox, the same way you once did on the iPhone?

When you say that you go to the apps/Scrivener folder, how do you do that? Using what app?