iPad OS Support for Trackpad/mouse

iPad OS 13.4 due out with the new iPad Pros delivering from next week has Mouse/Trackpad support. Woohoo. The text selection is finally where we want it for quick editing.

Ordered this morning with delivery now out to 27/3 - 31/3 in Aus. Just waiting to get my hands on the new keyboard in May

Not only that, but what are the chances iPad OS will be on par with the Mac version? The singularity is quickly approaching.

The best news about iOS 15.4 isn’t the trackpad / mouse thingy, although it’s welcome in itself.

It’s that you can finally reconfigure the external keyboard to get rid of the unnecessary Caps Lock key and make it into the main Control key As Nature Intended. That means that many of the Mac navigation shortcuts which are too awkward to use regularly with the stupid default position are now comfortable and quick to use again: Control + a/b/d/e/f/h/n/p/t/v.

There doesn’t seem to be a way of adding your own shortcuts (no equivalent of DefaultKeyBindings.dict) but still, it’s a huge step forward in convenience.

I hope you got your laptop, can you tell me from where you bought it?