ipad plus handwriting=heaven

I’ve been reading a lot about the ipad and i’m wondering if i’m the only person in the world who would kill if that thing would allow you to handwrite. Even if it did just replicate the palm jot style.

I do remember seeing a post by Grumpy Blounty, not long ago, wherein he states, that hell kill the next crew member that mentions the '*%$*;@±" iP** :open_mouth: Thought Id let you know, just in case you`d want to edit your post. :wink:

Great. One more reason to fear life itself. Bring it on.

You even had to post it twice, didn’t you? Grr. :smiley:

I’m moving this to Software by Other Folk as it is - thankfully! :slight_smile: - not Scrivener related.

Apple did port their Newton handwriting recognition code to OS X, where it is available, although it’s little used. Maybe they’ll offer it to iPad developers.

My own hope is that someone will create an iPod touch-sized Bluetooth thumb keyboard for the iPad (and iPhone/touch if Apple adds Bluetooth keyboard drivers). A full-sized keyboard negates the compact and light advantages of an iPad, but a tiny thumb keyboard wouldn’t. And with all the Blackberry users who’re good at thumbing and prefer it to touch-screen typing, it should sell well.

–Mike Perry, Seattle