iPad Pro issue with opening current project saved in Dropbox

Got a new iPad Pro on 14 May. Three out of four Projects have synced between Dropbox and Scrivener but one project did not appear to synch. We can see the current (unsynched) project in Dropbox (saved on 14 May), but when we try to open the project in Scrivener, it says we need to synch every time. Hit concur, and then a popup says its synching, but the message saying how many files are synching doesn’t show up (as it normally does). Then when we try to open the project, an older version appears. How do we get Scrivener to synch and open the most recent version of the project?

Thanks in advance!

What version of iOS does the iPad Pro have?

There is a known synch issue in iOS 13 that was only fixed with the release of iOS 13.4.1.


It’s a brand new iPad, and I can confirm it’s on iOS 13.4.1. We spent 80 minutes on the phone with Apple support getting it set up and had to install the latest update as part of the process.


Does the original version of the project on the Mac behave correctly?

If so, probably the easiest way to fix the problem is to start over:

  • On the Mac, move the project out of the Dropbox folder.

  • Synchronize to the iOS device and confirm that it’s really gone.

  • Move the project back to the Dropbox folder, allow it to synchronize to the server, and then resync to the device.


Oh, that sounds promising! Trying now!

Okay, we moved the folder out of Dropbox.
Opened Scrivener on the iPad, hit “synch now” with Dropbox. Popup box says it’s synching. But…
It opens up in the old version of the project - which is NOT even in Dropbox at all.

Is it in the “On this IPad” section of the iOS Scrivener project screen?


No, It’s in the “Connected to Dropbox” section.

Go to www,dropbox.com and check your account via the web browser. If iOS Scrivener is synchronizing it, it’s hiding on the server somewhere.


Hi, Katherine,

My daughter has four Scrivener projects in Dropbox. Three of them are synching perfectly between her iPad and Dropbox. The fourth project (VOC) is not synching with the iPad (iOS paid Scrivener version) since 14 May, with the errors noted above.

We can open (free) Scrivener on my PC, and then open the VOC project from her Dropbox, and demonstrate that the current version is in clearly in her Dropbox, with changes she wrote last week. But when she opens the VOC project in her iPad, it opens as a version saved approximately a month ago, instead of the current Dropbox version. And Scrivener isn’t letting her synch with the newer version in Dropbox, with changes up through 14 May.

I’m in IT and have been troubleshooting this with her… I’m thinking what needs to happen next is to move the VOC project into a subfolder in Dropbox - which we’ve done. We’ve also downloaded a copy of the VOC project to my PC as a backup.

I think we then need to delete the VOC project from her iOS Scrivener completely - that it’s corrupt in there. (She’s understandably worried about doing this, tho.) We did demonstrate that even tho the VOC project no longer resides at her root level in Dropbox, it’s still opening up in Scrivener in the old version.

Then, to get the current (14 May) VOC project back into her Scrivener, what do we need to do?? Rename as VOC2, then open a new Scrivener project and map to it in the VOC2 project in Dropbox? (I am not sure how to do this - please provide the exact steps!!)

Then, once she’s sure that VOC2 is opening and synching properly, we can delete the VOC project entirely from Scrivener.

Does this sound doable?


Sheri and Miri

A perhaps stupid question, but just to make sure:
Are all four projects residing in the same Dropbox sub-folder?

Screenshots of the Dropbox folder holding the projects as seen from the PC, from www.dropbox.com and the projects screen on the iPad would help.

Your last question: exactly what do you mean by ”delete from Scrivener”?

RESOLVED!! Miri did some research in the forums this morning, and just fixed the synch issue on her own!! HUZZAH!!!

We have a seriously happy young author in the house this morning!

Thanks, y’all!


Hi, Lunk, and thanks for your comments.

By “delete from Scrivener” I meant delete local copy.

Yes, all four of her projects are in the same folder (root level) of her Dropbox account. Is this an issue?

It could be. iOS Scrivener tries to download everything in the folder you define in the sync setup. Create a subfolder, copy the project folders to that sub-folder using the PC (which has the Dropbox app installed, I presume), wait for the changes to be uploaded to the Db server, change the sync settings in iOS Scrivener and re-sync everything.

(Make sure you have copies of every project folder in case something goes wrong)

Thanks, Lunk! I’ll let her know. This makes good sense. :slight_smile: