iPad-Scrivener doesnt download from Dropbox.

Hi, just got Scrivener set up on iPad. Link to Dropbox, select folder, press Done. Nothing happens. I can see in the Dropbox app that all scrivener files are present in the correct folder. Dropbox folder had been populated by Scrivener on Mac. I know it’s early days but has anyone experienced this or can point out my error?

Have you pressed the Sync button?

Initially I had made an error with folder names. I had synced with a folder /scrivener rather than the default /apps/scrivener. Having corrected this (I’m now using the default) I still have the same problem. When I sync, it says ‘downloading 33 files’, then ‘Dropbox is up to date’ but nothing appears in the projects list.

Are the projects definitely in /Dropbox/Apps/Sscrivener?

Could you please post a screenshot of your Dropbox folder on your Mac and the Dropbox settings on iOS?

Files are definitely in dropbox. Here are screenshots.

Also my apologies for the fact that this topic is being pursued in two places. I emailed support directly as I didnt expect forum support so quickly on such a new project.

new ‘product’, not ‘project’

Hi, just to ‘sync’ with the support request, this is a copy of my last email to support:

Hi Vicki,

Even to me this is beginning to sound like the meanderings of a lunatic but please bear with me. Having discovered my mistake re default folder on Dropbox, I started from scratch.
Closed down app on iPad.
On Mac, deleted unnecessary folder /scrivener on Dropbox.
On mac, opened Scrivener. Synced project to default folder /apps/scrivener on Dropbox.
On mac, closed Scrivener (when sync finished)
On iPad, opened scrivener. Broke link with Dropbox. Hit sync. Linked to dropbox. Pressed Accept. Selected default Scrivener folder. Got message ‘downloading file list’ followed by ‘syncing 1,2…33 of 33 files’. Then nothing. No projects in project list. If i hit sync again it just says ‘Dropbox up to date’.
I guess you would be inundated with support tickets if this were a genuine bug, so I know I’m still doing something wrong, just can’t see what it is.

Btw, i tried to view the ‘sync’ video in tutorials list on your website and it says video is corrupt.


From your Mac screenshot, it appears that you’re using “sync with external folder” to produce the Draft and Notes folders. What you should have in Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener is the original Scrivener project file. Close Scrivener, locate the project file, and move it to Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener. When Dropbox is done uploading your project to its servers, then the iOS version of Scrivener should be able to start syncing the project.

As I wrote in another thread, it’s the word ‘Sync’ that confises people. They don’t understand that it’s just a question of opening and saving in the normal way.

Thank you rdale. That was the problem. I used ‘save as’ to copy the .scriv file into the dropbox folder and all was well. What I don’t understand is how scrivener on the mac knows to save/sync to that Dropbox folder from then on and to check for changes there when Scrivener starts… There is an explicit link to dropbox on the iPad but not on the Mac?

lunk - you’re right about the confusion. Sync to external folder is actually just a ‘save’ operation. Perhaps ‘sync’ should be used exclusively for syncing via Dropbox (and other cloud services later). I assume the docs mention the fact that the .scriv file should be saved to Dropbox initially on the Mac, but I missed it.