iPad sync different from MacBook sync

I just realized that the project saved and backing up to DropBox on my iPad is different from the project version on my Mac. In this case, the iPad version is the most current. How do I figure out what is going on? I looked into the Scrivener folder in DropBox and I think it it’s the same as the file on the Mac - same file size. But, that file is missing multiple files that are on my iPad! How do I work out where the iPad is saving?

First, backup the iPad version of the project, as explained here:

Then, make sure that the version on the Mac is configured to be available offline, as explained here:

Then, check out our troubleshooting guide, here:


Hi @WilliamRubel , have you been able to resolve this using the resources @kewms linked to? If not, let us know!

As a note, Scrivener is not “backing up” to Dropbox, it is syncing with Dropbox. This is a good distinction to make as a backup is separate copy of a project that is a snapshot of the file at a moment in time whereas a file that is saved in Dropbox is simply saved and synced across devices—there are no copies with syncing, just one file that appears in multiple places.

You will want to actually back up your files in addition to saving them to the cloud which is why I point this out (not to be nitpicky on language). You can find instructions for backing up on iOS here. The desktop application automatically backs up each time you close a project if you have automatic backups enabled. You can review your backup settings on your Mac computer by opening Scrivener and going to Scrivener → Settings → Backup.