Ipad Sync


Apologies - this is very basic - I am confused over synchronising with IPad.

I am using Textilus to draft my text. I am new to Scrivener and Dropbox.

I want to be able to write on either program and for the changes to be synchronised in the Dropbox Scrivener folder … so that if I add or edit text in Textilus it appears automatically in Scrivener - and vice versa.

So far Scrivener appears to have over-ridden edits in Textilus and an outdated version prevails - there are errors in my procedure which may account for this

No doubt I will have to wrestle with this a little longer until I “get it” - but I would be very grateful if someone would confirm that what I want to do is possible and that I haven’t misunderstood the fundamental nature of the synchronisation facility.

Even though Textilus uses RTF, I think you still have to use the Scrivener feature ‘sync with external folder’ rather than trying to access your Scrivener Dropbox folder from Textilus on the iPad. I tested Textilus only a little, so, I don’t feel I am an authority here, but this seems to me your problem. If you use ‘sync with external folder’ in Scrivener, and then you access the external folder with Textilus, it should work.

Thanks so much for your help Marcolac!

Yes, I have been using the “sync with external folder” so that end ought to be ok.

With the encouragement your post provided, I have now managed to make edits in both programs and sync them each way - until multiple versions put out by Scrivener caused a hiccup at the Textilus end.

It could be that I have made a procedural error so I am going to scrap the current project and try again.

Meanwhile if anyone has some light to shed on this issue I would be very glad to know

A general advice is to always work serially and let the cloud service to have time to sync. Time to sync depends a lot on connection speed and other factors. Some iPad apps are good at dealing with conflicted copies and give you the opportunity to fix problems. Not sure about Textilus. Did not impress me much in its syncing capabilities when I tested it briefly. Yet again, I am not a heavy user, so my input should be taken with a grain of salt.
Good luck and let us know of any progress.

Hi Marcolac

Success at last!

I am syncing perfectly between Textilus and Scrivener.

For anyone else who needs to know…you have to obey the ground rules which are…

1 You cannot have both Textilus and Scrivener running at the same time - you must close one.

2 In Textilus work through it’s own built in dropbox browser - the icon is 3 dots adjoined by 3 parallel lines. In the browser use the “Remote Dropbox” panel to find your document.

3 Both applications will sync automatically on opening and closing.

You are absolutely correct in stressing the need to allow time for changes in dropbox to take effect on the computer/Ipad - if you try to hurry - it will simply mess everything up. The green tick marks in dropbox are not a certain indicator that the computer has caught up.

So that’s it - except to say I think Textilus is a beautiful application - simple, efficient and very pleasant to use. Scrivener is just unbelievable!

Thank you so much for your kind assistance !