iPad tip - straight and smart quotes

So writing on the iPad isn’t great, especially when you need to use characters other than on the main keyboard. But I have stumbled across a couple of handy tips.

On the main keyboard, if you need a single quote (’) just swipe up (quickly) on the exclamation point/comma key. For a double quote, (") swipe up on the question mark/period key. You can also do a press-and-hold to see the character before using it.

For smart quotes, you have to go to the secondary keyboard, but if you do the quick swipe on the single and double quotes in that keyboard, you’ll get the respective curly quotes.

For ellipses (…), also go to the second keyboard and do a quick swipe up on the period key.

And finally, em-dash (—), a quick swipe up on the dash key.

Thought I’d share.

By “main keyboard,” I guess you mean the virtual keyboard in the iOS software?
I can’t use it because my fingers are too broad/blunt.
So I have two wireless keyboards, one for office use and one for travel.
The shift, tab, and function keys save a lot of time while typing!

However, for those who can use the virtual keyboard.
Those are very cool tips. Thanks.

Ooh, this is really helpful! I’ve always done just the press-and-hold method to get to these other characters (mostly just the em dash), but the swipe up is great! I didn’t even know about apostrophe/quote available on the main screen, either—that was my first complaint about the iPad keyboard, too, that those weren’t available on the first keyboard. Unfortunately the swipe doesn’t work on the iPhone, but this will be helpful for the iPad.

Thank you for sharing this!