iPad Widget

An iPad Widget would be handy. Scrivener sometimes shows up in Siri, but a speedy Widget way to get to a project would be the brilliant.

Stick it on the dock at the bottom of the screen. Works a treat, or even just on the home screen.

That was probably a silly thing to ask for, :blush: but I like the way the Evernote Widget pops up with the latest pages I’ve worked on.

Exactly what do you want the widget to do? I don’t get it…

I do have Evernote and every time I looked at a pdf it kept asking me if I wanted to save it to Evernote. Is that what you mean? I have had to turn it off with every update… :imp:

I meant the first screen on the iPad. I just thought it might be handy. :confused:

So do you mean something like the Siri strip, only showing the last four or so projects you opened so you can jump straight to one?

Yes! :smiley:

All right, I’ll see what Keith thinks about it. In the meanwhile, I find rapid navigation to be easiest in this fashion: Cmd-Space, “scr”, Enter. That works everywhere just like notifications do—but it takes you to whatever you were last doing in Scrivener rather than opening a project specifically.