iPencil Compatibility

Any chance of having iPencil compatibility in the near to distant future? The thought of scribbling on a Scrivener index card puts a smile on my mug. :smiley:


Uh . . . you’re talking about drawing? In Scrivener? Not about handwriting recognition?

Edit: Having come to after being floored by that . . . :open_mouth: , well, ok, yeah, can’t see L&L doing that, but I’ve been wrong before. One thing that might not be too much to ask is to be able to paste an image from the system clipboard into the corkboard image. Then use a “drawing” keyboard to draw whatever and paste it right in there. Voila! Not actually drawing on the corkboard, but close…

Oh dear. I’ve blown the poor mans gasket. 7es I am talking about a functionality similar to OneNote or Paper 53. Cool, huh?

Think of the implications for plotting works and Scapple.

As one who likes to think visually, I really, really like this idea of being able to directly sketch onto a Scrivener index card. This would be one feature that would differentiate Scriv iOS from its desktop brethren.

I like this idea too, although, I think it could only be useful in WYSIWYG sort-of apps because that’s, from my understanding, more conducive to drawing environments.

Although, I can see this as a feature in both corkboard and scratchpad, both of which can be considered ‘separate’ from the meat of what you are writing.

Another way this may be useful is the ability to visually storyboard film ideas. Drawing out scenes, literally, and then writing about them within the app! For all those visually inclined out there…