iPhone format brush

I want to change a font on Scrivener iPhone. What has become of the format brush? Tutorial says to click in the text of the editor window and tool bar will change and reveal format brush. It does change, but no brush.

How do I change fonts on the iPhone?


I don’t have a phone to verify this but in the Text Editing section at:
Tutorial > Draft > The Main Interface > The Editor, there’s this -

Yes, I know what the brush does, I just had trouble finding it.

Turns out its tucked off-screen in the keyboard toolbar. Thanks for the effort, though.

You’re welcome. I figured you knew what it did. :slight_smile:
The Tutorial quote in my first reply included this:

Is it not appearing for you?

In the most up to date version of Scrivener for IOS it’s right here on the keyboard (I highlighted it for you.)