iPhone, Scrivener and Me...

I spend a lot of time traveling. In and out of offices, and other places where I can’t always drag out the Macbook Pro. Right now, I’m using my Treo, with Documents to Go and Missing Sync. That lets me get stories from the Treo into Word and vice versa. That said, it’s a pain in the rear to do that, and then cut and paste text into Scrivener from Word.

So, I was wondering with the announcement of an actual SDK for the iPhone is there any chance we could see a Scrivener-lite or something similar where I could go back and forth with projects between the iPhone and my Mac? The lack of something like that is why I haven’t switched already.

Probably just wishful thinking on my part. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately the iPhone SDK is not Cocoa, which is what Scrivener is written in. The iPhone SDK is web-based, so it would mean starting Scrivener all over again in a different environment - not much different from trying to port it to Windows.

Ah, if only Apple delivered a sub-notebook, the size of a Psion 5…

I think he’s probably referring to the “real” SDK that’s planned for launch in February, as announced by Jobs a couple of weeks ago.

A slightly different approach perhaps could work. I use memo on the palm. (I know it’s size restricted but I can’t find anything that doesn’t try and be word) I’ve written a script, that, once in Scrivener, I just position my mouse, select my script (I activate it via gestures, but Script menu or shortcuts would be as good) and hey presto, the script collects all my scrivenings from that day and pastes it right where I want it.

Just an idea that might work for you. :slight_smile: