iPhone SDK?

So… has anyone had a go with the recently released iphone SDK beta? I’ve downloaded it, mainly to try out the iphone simulator :wink:

Mobile Scrivener anyone? :smiley:

A mobile Scrivener wouldn’t be much use to me. (Or an iPhone, for that matter). :open_mouth:
I need a big screen and a full keyboard to write. And to read/edit what I’ve written.

Definitely no mobile Scrivener. And no, I haven’t played with it. Last time I looked it was for select US developers only. I don’t have an iPhone anyway, and have no intention of getting one…
All the best,

I was only joking, never fear :wink: I don’t think I could use the tiny touchscreen keyboard to type more than a quick text message…

I think the iPhone SDK is an interesting idea, and I wonder what programs people are going to write for it… hopefully something useful that I can put on my ipod touch.

Hmm, re-reading my message it came across as more abrupt than I meant it. Sorry about that - I was replying in a hurry, I think. I can see myself buying an iPod Touch one day… It would be nice if someone came up for a killer e-reader on it, though I don’t think the current Touch is quite up to that (needing e-Ink or whatever it’s called etc).

No need to apologise, I didn’t find it abrupt… just didn’t want you to think I was serious about mobile Scriv :smiley:

As for a good eReader on the iphone / touch that would be a great application… I think you’re right about the eInk stuff though (that’s what they use in the Amazon Kindle, I think?), it would probably be easier to read like that, than a digital display (like the iphone / touch), however having surfed the internet a fair bit on my touch I can certainly say it’s not too harsh on the eyes.

Here’s why I’m hoping for something, ideally Scrivener Touch, that can edit writing on an iPhone/iPod Touch:

– Scrivener is a powerful tool for idea capture and organization – it’s inherent outlining is beautiful and streamlined and elegant and gets out of the way. To have that on a pocket computer would be quintessential.

– I backpack and camp alot, which is well away from the grid. I can solar charge a Touch with less than a pound of gear (Touch included), but make it a notebook computer and I’m suddenly up to 10-15 pounds and a lot of money for all.

– I think electronically. Yes, I can take a spiral notebook and print out the current version and do things analog, but my brain (and handwriting) doesn’t create well that way. Plus, I organize all my material and notes electronically and search electronically, so having that all printed out is a drain on trees, time, energy and flow.

I’m in no way a programer, so I’ve no idea what’s involved in creating Scrivener Touch, and the device does have a few shortcomings vs. having a laptop; however it also has multiple advantages and would have a dedicated market of at least one.

Foolishly optimistically yours,