iPhone X Max with iOS 12 Cork Board

I know the cork board does not function on the current iPhones and iOS version. Does anyone know whether that feature will work on the new X Max with iOS 12? I suspect this question is premature, but was curious because I am going to make a purchasing decision soon. Thanks.

I’ll venture an opinion—which may be overruled by L&L!—but the last time this was discussed, Keith stated that screen usage was based on Apple’s screen size classes. iPads, full-screen, are always “regular width, regular height”, but despite the Xs Max’s acreage, it’s still “regular width, COMPACT height” in landscape mode. So no, I doubt the corkboard will be available.

Official word, please?

One thing that I think I should add here: If the “regular width” requirement to display the Binder on iPhone remains in place (and I have no reason to think L&L would change that) the new iPhone Xs will NOT display the Binder! The phones that will display the Binder are:

  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6S Plus
  • iPhone 6 Plus

Thanks for the feedback. If it doesn’t have that capability, it’s not a deal breaker for me. As always, I appreciate this forum!

I like small laptops, I hate big phones. I’m nonetheless thinking about buying the XR as my 5S is slowly dying on me and Apple is discontinuing the SE. I would see the XR more as a kind of Netbook / iPad Nano, which can also make phone calls. With an external keyboard and Scrivener installed, I could write anytime anywhere - much more flexible than with a laptop. It is an interesting thought, but I’m not sure if it’s not just a crazy fantasy.
I would need to know for sure that the XR will display the binder in Scrivener. I rely heavily on the binder and I won’t buy the XR if that means working with a binderless Scrivener. Also: Will split editors be possible in landscape mode?
Thanks for your thoughts!

First, I applaud your choice; I’ve been using my iPhone 6S Plus with an external keyboard quite happily. Here’s the skinny as I understand it on the Binder being displayed on an iPhone;

According to this thread ([url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/iphone-x-vs-iphone-8-plus-for-scrivener-ios/37841/1]) iOS Scrivener looks at certain screen properties in order to figure out what to display on a given iOS device in a given orientation.

  • If the screen is in landscape mode and has “Regular width,” the Binder will be displayed alongside the Editor.
  • If the screen is in landscape mode and has “compact width” the Binder will not be displayed alongside the Editor.

According to the Apple Human Interface Guidelines (https://developer.apple.com/design/human-interface-guidelines/ios/visual-design/adaptivity-and-layout/) the iPhone XR has “regular width” in landscape mode. Therefore, the Binder will display alongside the Editor when the iPhone XR is in landscape mode.

Would someone from the tech support team please confirm or deny this?

It would be great if the new iPhone XR will do the binder in landscape mode. It’s the most affordable of the 3 new phones, and only lacks a oled display. But that’s ok, because my iPhone 6 retina display is plenty clear to me. Slight sacrifice for the big difference in $$$.

@Jolanth, split general editors would be a new feature to iOS, as it’s not presently possible even on iPads. You might want to post that over in the Wishlist.

What you can do, both on iPads and on plus size iPhones, is display a file as a Quick Reference instead of the Binder, when you’re in landscape mode. I found out how by reading the “Referring to Research” section of the iOS tutorial.

@ Silverdragon: Thanks a lot! A quick reference in a split window is fine, it’s what I’m using the second editor for anyway (most of the time). Still debating spending all that money on a phone – my Macbook Air cost less than the XR and I wrote several novels and plays on it. 900 € for a phone? It seems extravagant.

I know what you mean about phone pricing! But I never buy the latest and greatest Apple hardware the moment it comes out, myself. I bought my Macbook Air 11 and iPad Air 2 refurbished from Apple, and my iPhone 6s last year when it was the bottom-of-the-line “big screen”. I’ll make do with my 6s until next September’s phone announcement, when I’ll get the cheapest big screen Apple’s then selling. Or maybe the cheapest big screen that’s in their refurbished store… :smiley:

I just upgraded to a Xs Max, and it turns out that the binder doesn’t display in landscape currently. A handful of other apps that have split-screen landscapes on Plus models are broken on the Max as well, so it’s not just something with Scrivener.

Maybe a cork board could be in the cards for the Max models since some updates will have to be made anyway? That’s probably wishful thinking.

Bummer! Please keep us updated as to whether Apple correct this…

Meanwhile – may I suggest that you post this over in Bug Hunt iOS?

I’ve emailed support about it, so they’re aware.

I think it’s something developers would need to correct, and not Apple themselves, but I could easily be wrong about that.

Because Scrivener’s code almost certainly queries iOS–asking it “What’s the orientation and size class of this device?” If the answer is “landscape” and “regular width”, Scrivener goes ahead and puts the binder in a side-by-side view. Indeed, it may be impossible to open that side-by-side view if the answer ISN’T “regular width”. The only reason for this to fail on an iPhone XS Max is that either iOS isn’t responding “landscape” or it isn’t responding “regular width”. This is contrary to Apple’s own user interface guideline documentation, https://developer.apple.com/design/human-interface-guidelines/ios/visual-design/adaptivity-and-layout/ . This would make it an Apple bug.

Not that Keith hasn’t worked around plenty of Apple bugs in the past! But as I noted above, it’s possible iOS won’t permit side-by-side views on a device that doesn’t have “regular width”. There may be no way to work around it.

Thanks for your help and input, here’s what I’m going to do:

  • I’ll order the XR on launch day
  • As soon as the XR arrives, I’ll install Scrivener iOS and use the XR as a replacement for my Macbook Pro 2017 that has to go in for yet another keyboard repair (space bar and enter key this time).
  • If I like the XR-experience with Scrivener I’ll keep it and travel laptop-free whenever possible. If not, I’ll send it back within the 14 day return window.

I wouldn’t normally do this, but I’m pretty cross with Apple right now for forcing the unreliable butterfly keyboard upon us. Apple doesn’t offer me a replacement laptop while the MBP is getting repaired, so I’ll use the XR instead of my old G4 tower on OS 9 (that doesn’t run Scrivener). That machine, by the way, has been running fine for almost 20 years now.

Two questions remain:

  • is it possible to buy Scrivener iOS directly from L&L instead of the Apple app store? I always prefer to buy from the developer, but I get redirected to the app store. I just noticed that despite using iPhones for almost 10 years I have so far never purchased an app for iOs.

  • which bluetooth keyboard do you recommend for a touch typist to go with the iPhone? I have the regular Apple »magic keyboard« from 2009 (using it now as the butterflies are on strike again), but I’d like something more portable.

Thanks again and I’ll let you know how everything runs with the XR as soon as it gets here.

Side note: I’ll order the XR in go-fasta-red, hopefully it’ll help me to meet my deadlines …

L&L only sell iOS Scrivener via the App Store. That’s because otherwise you’d have to jailbreak your phone in order to have Scrivener on it. Not something I personally want to do, even for Scrivener.

keyboard- now that’s a good question. I use a Zagg Pocket, but it’s far from ideal—and it’s no longer in production, besides. It’s better than the not-so-cheap chinese knockoffs I’ve tried, but that’s about all I can say…

Here’s a couple of threads about keyboards:



but they’re not very recent.

@MyOwnFlag, I just checked at my local Apple Genius Bar about the “no binder plus document view on the XS Max” problem. They confirmed that it was an Apple problem that was supposed to have been addressed in iOS v. 12.0.1. Would you please confirm or deny this?

A quick follow up on this: I got my iPad Nano aka iPhone XR by mail today. The first thing I did was to set up Scrivener and it runs great.

After trying Logitech’s Keys-to-go in a shop and finding the keys to hard to type on, I ordered a rather cheap foldable keyboard by EC-Technology and so far it works great. Keys are tiny, but I’ll get used to it.

So far, I like using Scrivener in this set up a lot. I don’t miss the binder right now as I use the vertical view and it feels almost like typing directly into a small paperback.

My laptop goes into repair now (butterjam keys) and I’ll use the iPhone as my main computer for as long as the repair takes. I’ll do about 1000 words in Scrivener on it every day.

I do miss typewriter scrolling.

Please feel free to ask any questions about the XR and using it with Scrivener.

Now back to work …



P.S. No binder in horizontal view on the XR on IOS 12.01 …

It was definitely not addressed; I’m still not able to see the binder view on 12.0.1. Maybe 12.1 will fix it.

Edit: 12.1 did not address it either.